7 tips to become debt free quick and fast.

This article is for you if you are looking for the real ways to manage your debt and personal finances.

Becoming debt free is totally rewarding because debts are typically the hurdles in achieving financial freedom and independence.

Almost everyone has debt whichever state or country you are living in. Like in the UK, an average UK debt is at £8,000 per person not even including the mortgage.

Debts, different kinds of loans, credit cards etc. are offered everywhere, right?

Acquiring debt is very easy, but getting rid of it, is the toughest one, because of the accumulating interest year after year.

Now, remember that there is nothing wrong with acquiring debts or loans as long as you are using them to your advantage. So we can basically call debt as the good ones and the bad ones.

What are the examples of good debts? Good debts are something you acquire in order to build your lifestyle up.

For instance, you acquire a student loan to finance your studies – this is an example of investment into yourself to acquire a competence that will benefit you with a better job or better source of income later on.

Another example is acquiring a property through mortgage loan – this can also become your investment if you know how to do it right.

Well, what are the bad debts? If you are an owner of an establishment or business, bad debts are the debts of your bad customers/clients, who are no longer able to pay you back.

When we talk about bad debts in personal finances, these are the debts that give you a burden to pay back and in the worst case, the debts that you are not able to repay.

Here are my simplified 7 tips to become debt free as soon as possible. As a former Accountant, I would personally advise you to take the number 3 tips, if after doing number 1 and 2 shows that you have a serious bad debt problem.

1. Check Your Personal Finances

By this, I mean that you must have a comprehensive overview of all your income and expenses. We call it also as the household cash flow.

From here you can see if you have healthy personal finances with your current lifestyle.

7tips to become debt free fast

If you have not made your personal financial statements yet or you do not know how to make one, then there are a lot of free software and apps you can download from the internet.

Normally, the banks have also their own respective budget programs free to download from their websites, so you might want to check it out as well.

Today it is easier to make a financial statement because most of the monetary transactions we make every day are reflected on our accounts electronically.

2. Make A Repayment Plan For Your Debts

After checking your personal finances and hopefully made a personal financial statement, make a list of your debt indicating the principal, interest, length of the payment period, balances and as well as the monthly dues.

Make sure you have the total amount of the debt balances.

Prioritize paying the one with the highest interest and pay more than the minimum due as much as possible.

And then pay the next one on the list with the highest interest including the amount of money you used to pay for the number 1 debt on your list.

And the process just goes on and on, until you realize you are totally debt free so fast.

How long will it take to be debt free?

It depends on how much you are indebted with and how much you are willing to put as extra money for the repayment of your debt.

Some people can do it in just 1 year and some people need around 3-5 years before they can become debt free.

Well if you then realize that you are in serious debt, make a proposed budget which will show how much you can pay each month and go to the next tip.

3. Get An Appointment with Your Bank Advisor.

As an accountant and former bank employee – I can tell that every bank account holder as a respective bank advisor or contact person. So make sure you check your bank account and see who your adviser is.

* Contact your bank adviser and arrange a personal or virtual meeting.

* Present your financial status by providing your financial statements.

* Present your Debt Repayment Plan, which will show how much you can pay each month instead of the total amount of money you are currently paying every month.

* You might be required to send these papers ahead right after you booked an appointment on the phone. So make sure you are prepared – this will also give your adviser an impression of sincerity with your plan for improving your personal finances.

Now, this is what most will happen: Your advisor will evaluate your financial status by looking at those papers you submitted. He/she will then make her own proposal on how you can improve your personal finances.

This can possibly be based on your possibility of refinancing your mortgage loan (if you have one with them), so you can get rid of your debt.

If you have other assets showing on your financial statements – these will also be included in his/her evaluation.

The bank can possibly also grant you a bank account credit if you are a good customer with them regardless of your debt.

These bank credits can eventually pay off all your debts, so you will repay them with a relatively cheaper interest rate rather than if you consolidate all your credit cards and loans in one credit card company.

If this tip fails, then you still have another option. Go to the next tip.

4. Consolidate Your Credit Cards Balances. 

If number 2 and 3 fail, then this one is also effective.

Contact one of your credit cards companies or a totally new credit card company and present your Repayment Plan together with the proposed monthly payment you are willing and capable of – to pay off the consolidated debt.

This will enable you to pay a better interest rate and a better or lower monthly payment.

The disadvantage of this is that you may have to pay your debt in a longer period of time.

Nevertheless, remember to choose the minimum payment but pay more than the minimum due, when you have extra money so you can accelerate your payment period.

5. Get rid of all your unnecessary stuff

Another way of getting rid of your debt is to get rid of the things that you do not need anymore. Many of us tend to forget a lot of useful stuff in our basement or garage.

We don’t use these things in the basement for months or years because we really do not need them. You can, for example, hold a garage sale in your backyard or sell them online.

A lot of people are actually earning good cash by selling used stuff like mobile phones, old furniture, old shoes, old clothes, unused perfumes, old presents that are not even opened. You name it.

Maybe you will get surprised how much cash you can generate and to pay off your debt and become debt free by doing this.

6. Earn more

There are a lot of ways in earning extra cash today. Aside from number 5 tips, you can also offer some simple jobs during your days off or free time.

For example: Like cleaning, washing, and ironing jobs, simple gardening services, window cleaning, babysitting, part-time caregiving at you local nursing home or even pet sitting.

And if you have some talents like playing musical instruments, then you can offer a tutorial lesson for that. You can also offer a tutorial with a specific school subject – like Mathematics, Science, English, Spanish, Chinese or anything you are good at. 

I know some people who tried this for some time and eventually fell in love with working as a freelancer – because they realized that the earning potential could be unlimited when they discover that they can actually help people and earn money at the same time.

I also know some people who made a business out it after they got experience – like establishing a cleaning company, an English language school for foreign students or a music school/store.

The opportunities for earning money are actually unlimited. So go and get it. It is your life, it is your choice.

Check my list of 15 proven ways to earn extra money online from home.

7. Get ready to invest and begin your journey to financial freedom. 

When you get rid of all your bad debts or the expensive debts that have given you a burden for years, then this is the time for you to let your money work for you through proper investing. But before you do this, you need to be careful and you need to acquire proper knowledge.

For now, you need to make an emergency account at least equivalent to your 6months current salary – this will save you in case of an emergency.

Make sure you have a good health insurance and life insurance (you and your family) – this will also protect you and your family from any financial downstream, in case of sudden death or sudden disabilities.

Another important thing, for now, is that, you need to start “saving” money so you can start to invest as soon as you become equipped with all the necessary knowledge within investing. So sooner or later, you will become financially free by making your money work for you.

Lastly, always remember that financial freedom is a choice. Make that choice today and start your journey towards it and to the lifestyle, you dream of for you and for your family.

If you need any advice or if you have any question, feel free to comment below and I will be happy to help you out to the best that I can. Good luck and God bless!