Have you been planning of having your own website or your own blog? I can help.

(Last updated: August 24, 2019)

Having a professional web designer to make a website for you can be expensive. So, why not build your own website?

Believe me, it’s very easy and it’s not that technical as it sounds like.

If you happen to have your own local business today, you definitely need a website to reach out for your customers. You can generate more sales and you can create more source of income by making it visible online.

And if you want to get started with your own blog or online shop, you can absolutely accomplish it with relative ease these days.

Building websites today has become simplified and there are platforms and services out there that offer “newbies” ways to create professional looking websites.

So, if you really up to building your own site, read on or jump to the video tutorial link below. 

What Are The Most Important Aspects Of A Website? 

Having a website is basically your “web or virtual presence”. You need to have web hosting where your website stores at and this make sure that it serves quickly and efficiently to people that visit your website.

Now, the most important aspects of websites that make it a high quality professional looking websites are:

  • Speed and load time
  • Professional design and look
  • Easy to navigate
  • Uses a content management system (CMS)
  • Quality website content

If you can accomplish these 5 important things, then you will be operating a very profitable website of your own.

In order to do this, you need to leverage a framework that “simplifies” this process. For this, I personally recommend WordPress. You can actually build a FREE WordPress website RIGHT NOW by entering a domain name you wish below: