The Power of Investing Early. 

Why is it important to start to invest as early as possible?

Majority of the world’s population today, don’t prioritize investment especially at the age of 20’s. But this is honestly the best time to start to invest. But why people don’t do that anyway?

Oh maybe because they’re not aware of the possibility?

Afraid of the investment risks?

They prioritize differently, maybe?

While all of the above is true and valid to say yes, but the investment is still something we should impose on our lives no matter how old we are today.

The truth is, investment mentally starts at home. Why did I say that? this is mainly because we use the money for everything and every day – is that simple. But honestly, when did you start to be a way of the value of money as a child? I couldn’t remember it myself… all I could remember is that when I have some coins, then I can buy a piece of candy.

My point is, children should start to learn the power of investing as early as soon as they start to learn mathematics in school. So, when they reach the age of 20’s – that’s when earn already earn a more stable income – they’ll be more prepared and equipped on how to do it themselves.

Oh, just a quick check and tip – I started investing my daughter’s money when she’s only 1 year old. She’s already 9 years old today. And at her age, she is already used to hear the words save, invest and let your money work for you someday. So when she’s asked what she’s going to buy with all the money she gets from her birthday or Christmas, then she’ll definitely say “some of them, I’ll buy (something she wishes) and I’ll put the rest in my bank account”. That’s pretty cool as a parent to hear a child like that.

Well, our focus with this article today is about the young generation at 20’s. So if you are at your 20s today, the post is for you and I hope it’ll if you haven’t started with investment yet.

How Do Average People at 20s Use Their Money? 

  • Acquiring student loan for education
  • Acquiring debts for a brand new car.
  • Expensive travel
  • Shopping expensive clothes & accessories
  • Buying expensive smartphones
  • Buying expensive shoes
  • Going to parties with random friends
  • Dating
  • Some are starting to build their own family

How Do Smart People at 20s Use/Manage Their Money? 

  • Completing education
  • Getting work experience while studying
  • NOT acquiring student loan
  • Finding and getting a job in their career
  • Saving and investing a portion of their money
  • Developing communication and networking skills
  • Finding a passion and making