130 Websites That Will Pay You $50- $3,000 Per Post (Plus 1,000 Writing Jobs)


Freelance writing can be a lucrative part-time or full-time job from home. If you are tired of writing for pennies, then this list will absolutely be your ultimate list for the high paying writing jobs around the web. First of all, if you are new to writing gigs, then I highly recommend to start writing […]

Google Is Killing Affiliate Marketing Slowly in 2019?


If you are working with affiliate marketing business or planning to have one, then today is big news for everybody. Me, not exempted as affiliate marketing is my recent venture and I really love it and the full potential. Why? Google is about to clamp the affiliate marketing links soon! Or maybe not. If you […]

Writing Jobs Online Review: Can You Earn Money And Save Time? (Must Read)


Welcome to today’s review:  Writing Jobs Online Review: Can You Earn Money And Save Time? (Must Read) One of the online offers you can come across when searching for legit ways to earn money online is the “Writing Jobs Online” program and the URL is writing-jobs.net. Researching all about this program is a good way to […]

Top 6 Scary Money Statistics – No. 5 Is Shocking


Top 6 Scary Money Statistics – No. 5 Is Shocking Since fildane.com is dedicated to finding great ways of improving personal finances for my readers, I always make a lot of researches before publishing a blog so I get to see the whole picture. However, my researches usually lead me to some scary money statistics […]

I Never Thought It Was Possible But I Did It!

This is How I Earn Up To $1,174.09 Per Day Online And How You Too Can Do It Creating passive income online is for everybody! Yes, that’s right! Everyone deserves financial freedom… including YOU! If you hate your job or the feeling of being in modern slavery called 9-5 J.O.B (Just Over Broke), then you […]

15 Proven Ways To Earn Extra Money From Home Online


15 Proven Ways To Earn Extra Money From Home Online (International) Making money online is one of the trends for many years now. Everyone is looking for the opportunity on how to do it right. Some people have already created a fortune while others are still struggling. Some people just want to earn extra money […]

Online Business Review Lists


Online Business Review is a great way to reveal whether an online opportunity is a potential real deal or a complete crap or scam. Since the internet is a huge market, it is also a huge opportunity for scammers. Unfortunately, there are more than 90% of the online money-making programs that are either scams or […]

Why Online Business Is Better Than Winning $1 Million

If you are new here, welcome to my post detailing Why Online Business Is Better Than Winning One Million Dollars. I suggest that you read my welcome page (which lists my most popular and helpful posts).  Win $1 Million Or Build An Online Business? This sounds really silly. But if someone asks you – do you want $1 […]

Online Entrepreneur Certification Program For Online Business


This certification program has made hundreds and thousands of people successful in online marketing. Taking this certification program requires active actions. You need to have time, determination, perseverance, and the right mindset to succeed in this business. Affiliate marketing business is the easiest way to leverage the online industry but it’s not that too easy. […]

Is $1 Million Enough To Retire?


Is $1 Million Enough To Retire? Do you have $1 million today and planning to retire very soon? Wondering if this is enough to sustain all your daily needs? First of all, I’d like to congratulate you for being really good at saving money for retirement since there are only around 25% of people in […]