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6 Steps In Creating A Personal Budget Towards Your Financial Freedom

In order to achieve financial freedom, you need to have a good track of all your expenses, learn to spend less and save more.

It takes only 5 steps to retire in 5 years and become financially independent.  The first huge step is creating and managing your personal budget.

We know that financial freedom doesn’t come itself automatically. It requires hard work and you really have to strive for it if your account is at $0 savings.

According to a survey,  there are 85% of people around the world hate their job, I assume that same or maybe higher are striving to this ultimate goal: financial independence and freedom.

Money isn’t really everything. But frankly speaking, we need money to buy time freedom. Freedom from the bondage of hard labor every day called the modern slavery of our time – the 9-5 job. Freedom to do what you’re passionate about against bargaining your time for money.

Wait! Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong w