This certification program has made hundreds and thousands of people successful in online marketing. Taking this certification program requires active actions. You need to have time, determination, perseverance, and the right mindset to succeed in this business.

Affiliate marketing business is the easiest way to leverage the online industry but it’s not that too easy. If it was, so everybody would be doing it.

Fortunately, this training program has everything you need to succeed. Make sure you’re serious because you need to invest your time and never stop along the way.

Here is what you’ll be doing during the training…

Online Entrepreneur Certification Program For Online Business

The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training is a 5-phase (50 lessons) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and growing business within absolutely ANY niche that you want.


This is a 10-lesson course that is part of the Online Entrepreneur Certification. It will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue. This getting started (level 1) is your first step to realizing your potential as an online business owner.

10 Lessons (FREE) 

  1. Getting rolling
  2. Understanding how to make money online
  3. Choose a Niche
  4. Building your OWN niche website
  5. Setting up your website
  6. Getting your site ready for search engines
  7. Creating your initial website content
  8. Creating custom menus on your website
  9. Understanding keywords, the start of your content
  10. Your next steps

Course Benefits And Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to immediately get “immersed” in an awesome community
  • Discover the process of earning revenue online
  • Learn how you can create and start working towards a list of new financial and non-financial goals
  • Learn how to gain instant access to over 590,000 niches
  • Choose your starting point NICHE for your business
  • Build your very OWN niche website
  • Learn how to optimize your website using WordPress
  • Learn a simple and free way of making your site search engine friendly
  • Create quality website content (that gets ranked)
  • Understand the ultimate keyword research process
  • Learn how to quickly and easy creation of your own low competition keyword lists


Course Benefits And Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the Principles of Website Traffic Transferring
  • Your Website to Your Own Domain
  • Choose a Domain That is Ready for Success
  • Build an Experience That is User Based
  • Set Up Your Own Domain-Specific Email Address
  • Get Unlimited Traffic from Low Hanging Fruit
  • Create Content That Converts
  • Become Proficient Using the WordPress Editor
  • Make Your Content Beautifully Engaging
  • Create Content That Targets Affiliate Programs
  • Get Loads of Traffic From Product Reviews


Course Benefits And Learning Outcomes

  • Fully comprehend the “Customer Purchase Lifecycle” process
  • Earn money through affiliate programs in your niche
  • Understand the benefits of affiliate networks (and which ones are best)
  • Effectively incorporate affiliate links into your content
  • Understand the NUMBERS associated with a lucrative business in the online world
  • Leverage affiliate promo materials (images & banners)
  • Where to gain instant access to promote MILLIONS of products within every niche imaginable
  • Adding “shopping” widgets to your website
  • Monetizing product reviews on your website
  • Get INSTANT access to product news within your industry
  • Benefit from Google Adsense on your site
  • Use publishing network alternatives to your advantage
  • Understand the difference between earning big commissions or working for pennies on your site
  • Earn revenue through singular product reviews
  • A tricky advertising technique that very few people know about


Course Benefits And Learning Outcomes

  • What Does Social Marketing Mean to Your Business
  • Why Social Engagement is More Important than Social Marketing
  • Making Your Website a Place to Engage
  • How to Amplify the Sharability of ANY Content That You Create
  • How to Become a Facebook Powerhouse
  • Understanding Facebook EdgeRank
  • Using Visuals to Attract a Following
  • Using Pinterest to Explode Your Campaigns
  • How the Twittersphere Really Works and How You Can Benefit
  • How to Compose an Effective Tweet
  • Leveraging Google
  • Implementing Google Authorship to add to Your Credibility, Brand, and Click-throughs
  • Making ALL of your Activities Online Social by Nature
  • How to Earn Consistent Revenue by Socializing at Wealthy Affiliate
  • Easy, Simple and Effective Ways to Earn Through Sharing
  • When it is RIGHT and WRONG to use a Social Medium
  • How and When to go into “Share Only” Mode
  • Setting Yourself Up for a Lifetime of Social Engagement and Success!


Course Benefits And Learning Outcomes

  • Content production and how to do so efficiently
  • Creating visually appealing content
  • Going from content to conversions
  • Using webmaster tools and the benefit to your business
  • Getting people to actually read and engage in your content
  • Planning for a successful year of content creation (and business)
  • A reveal and analysis of real-life conversions
  • Getting indexed and ranked into the other big search engines (Bing & Yahoo)
  • A long term strategy session for a brilliant website
  • How to properly outsource aspects your content production
  • Scaling your content, rankings, and traffic in a cumulative way

OEC level 1 is free while the succeeding levels require premium membership.  You can stay as a Starter (Free) Member as long as you want. Plus, you’ll get premium access within 7 days. 

What More? 

  • Training HQ
  • Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Super Affiliate Challenge


Here’s what other members say about the training and community.

What Does This Business Mean To Me Today

Today, I love working for my own business from home. Affiliate marketing is a type of business that has made many people a huge fortune while others are just earning around $10,000/month and this is what I’m doing and I love it.

You can see how I earn up to $1,174.09 a day doing product reviews – the exact method is being taught in this OEC program. You can also see how you too can do it.

There are many reasons why you should use this concept too to earn a full-time income from home, like:

  • You can earn money with any product you want online
  • The simplest and easiest concept for online business
  • Sure success as long as you keep going
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • No face-to-face or direct selling
  • No face-to-face rejection
  • No networking
  • No recruitment
  • No inventory
  • No administrative work
  • Very low investment
  • You can work entirely just with a laptop and internet access
  • You are your own boss
  • You are Scam protected
  • You can earn Passive Income online!

So, if you hate product demonstration or presentation, public speaking and certainly not a fan of recruiting your families and friends just to earn, then this is the best business for you.


I’m looking forward to seeing you and guiding you in your online business. See you inside the platform.

Don’t forget to claim your FREE GIFTS HERE. These are very useful in creating passive income online and in achieving the right mindset as an affiliate marketer.

If you have any thought or question, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Good luck with your journey to financial freedom online. God bless!



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