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How Can You Save 50% Of Your Income (Logically Easy)

A lot of experts recommend a savings of around 10-20% of your income in order to secure good retirement years in the future. As a former accountant, I always make sure that my own financial finances are intact.

When I heard about people who save 80-85% of their income and live only with 15-20% is very intriguing in my own personal finances.

I kept on thinking how in all the world I can do that if I love to travel and I have children.

Since I started blogging about personal finances, it has helped me to be more aware of people’s different spending habits as well as the different business opportunities around the internet.

Improving personal finances is a life long process and journey.

As you get older, your finances need to be adjusted accordingly and no matter which stage of life you may be, there is nothing more than what everyone wants to ensure or achieve – financial freedom and independence.

Personally, I always make sure that I save as much as I can. I don’t buy signature watches, clothes, bags, shoes or expensive mobile phones like a lot of women otherwise do. I always think that those are not good investments at all, so I better save money for investments.

Since I can not afford to save 80-85%, I always save as much as I can and this is about 50% or more of my income.

Saving a decent percentage of your income every single month can mean that you can achieve your financial goals very quickly.

So, here some ways on how to save 50% of your income. Tested and proven. 

Making More Money
To Increase Your Income Percentage

Logically, making more money can really help you reach an income percentage goal of over 50%. This is because your fixed expenses are setting limits on your capability to save so much money, but the amount of money you can make is actually unlimited.

You could work freelance, part-time, full-time or multiple jobs, start a business and so