Website comments are very important in SEO and ranking. Even you spend a whole day writing a great article 5 days a week – comments don’t just come easily. You’ll probably agree if you’re already blogging today.

But how do you get comments? Here are my quick tips for you.

Have you heard about the 90-9-1 action rule?

The 90-9-1 rule of action means that: 

  • 90% of users are lurkers (i.e., read or observe, but don’t contribute) – your audience will just read and watch silently.
  • 9% of users contribute from time to time, but other priorities dominate their time – They will rarely participate.
  • 1% of users participate a lot and account for most contributions: it can seem as if they don’t have lives because they often post just minutes after whatever event they’re commenting on occurs. – This is the only part of your users who will actively provide feedbacks or comments.

When we successfully engage our audience and “break out” of this 90-9-1 ratio rule, we build a base of loyal readers who are more likely to buy from us.

In this post, we will tackle 20 simple quick tricks to liven up your comments section.

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20 Quick Tips To Get More Blog Comments

20 quick tips to get more blog comments:

1. Clear the way and make it simple

Do you use captcha, human-check or something before people can leave a comment on your website? You may want to reconsider to make it simple by clear all these off.

Why? People are actually reluctant to leave a comment when you require extra effort from them before they can comment.

Make sure that your blog does not make readers jump through unnecessary hoops before they can even leave a comment.

Some commenting platforms enable such hoops by default. Usually after major updates – oh they will not notify you automatically sometimes.

Check it right now if this is the actual case that prevents your users from leaving comments when they want to – and disable it.

However, you’ll need to balance this with regards to the security side of your website as well. So, make sure you have an anti-spam plugin to filter out any spam comments.

2. ‘0 comments’ Line – Get rid of it.

Do you have any article with “0 comments”?

Make sure that your comment section never displays the dreaded “0 comments” line.

In case, your website theme allows you to edit the way in which this comment count line is displayed, make sure to remove this. This is mainly because it reflects very poorly on your credibility when your visitors see that you have no comments.

Seeing a post with 0 comments will probably discourage your readers to post any comment.

Leave a comment’ or ‘Share a thought’ will work better.

Check your website and see if you can edit this line.

3. Get a comment from a close friend

Writing a comment for the first time is evidently proven that many people are uncomfortable with.

People tend to participate in a discussion or conversation that is already going on rather than if they have to start it.

That’s why when it is very normal not to get a comment right away when you an article even if it’s a great one.

To get an initial comment, you can ask one of your close friends to comment on your article once you post it.

4. Post the first comment yourself.

Another trick to fill out the “first slot” block is to post the first comment yourself.

However, you much not do this in all your article. It must be meaningful so that people wouldn’t think that you are commenting on your own post just for the sake of getting more comments.

For instance, you may provide useful links to some sources that were not included in your blog post.

Some people actually make a comment – pretending to be someone else. I wouldn’t advise it. I believe in honesty as the best policy. But I know some bloggers do this trick.

5. Comment on other blogs for a return favor.

If you are struggling to get more comments to your articles – then you are not alone.

Comments don’t come automatically – sadly, comments come sometimes when people have something negative to say.

However, to create positive comment trends in your article, you can comment to others’ blog and ask for a return favor.

The best way to do this is to pick blog creators with the same expertise like yours, as their viewers may take interest in your content as well – this will allow you to gain new readers in the process.

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6. Ask your reader an open question

When you conclude your article, you can end it up with an open-ended question – asking the audience for their opinions or experience. For instance, “How do you deal with such a situation?” or “What do you think about this?”.

People are more likely to participate in a discussion or share their opinion when they are invited to.






Derek Halpern, the founder of Social Triggers, asking an open-ended question at the end of his video

7. Ask for feedback

Ask your readers or audience a feedback, when you introduce a new product in your article – such as product review etc. As your viewers what they think about this product if they have experience or what they think about it.

You implement any changes or something new in your website, encourage your readers to share suggestions or thoughts on what needs to be improved.

People like to feel that their opinions matter and can make difference. And don’t forget to take your reader’s feedback and shout out individual commenters when you’ve incorporated their feedback.

This trick will increase your readers’ engagement and will most likely comment again in the future.

8. Write a controversial article

controversialWriting controversial articles are also powerful tricks to get more comments. Go ahead a try to voice out on a controversial issue that is different from conventional wisdom or from what the majority normally thinks.

Provoking your audience or readers will encourage them to express their disagreements or agreements in the comments.

This is also one way of creating your brand to stand out – by having an opinion.

This is also powerful because users will normally start a discussion with each other.

9. Use a controversial headline

Creating catchy headlines go in a similar vein.

Your whole article doesn’t have to be controversial, but you can use a controversial headline.

Just be careful not to clickbait though, as this will hurt your user’s trust and engagement for your future contents.

10. Run a contest for a giveaway.

Do you already have sizeable followers and noticed that a lot of them are silent?

Then entice them into leaving a comment, offer a prize contest for the funniest or most creative comment.

This is very powerful as well for a just one-time fix, and you may not want to do this all the time.

And expect that those silent followers whom you’ll get in touch with this way will most like fall silent again, when there are no longer rewards within sight. However, some will be encouraged to engage more with you in the future.

11. Notify your subscribers

Sending a notification of your new and fresh content to your subscribers is also a great trick.

Many entrepreneurs are not using this method but some do. In reality, it is a good method to get your subscribers updated with your contents and you can encourage them to leave a thought, suggestion or comment within your email.

Some people are too busy to check their social media feeds, but they still check their emails regularly.

12. Respond to all comments

Make sure to respond to every comment you receive. Of course, except for the spammy and offensive ones that you will be deleting.

Yes, there’s nothing wrong to delete any offensive comments.

Express your appreciation to the people for sharing their opinions, stories or thoughts. Ask them for more details, engage people in discussion or defend your stance perhaps.

When people see a genuine interest from you, they will be encouraged to hop into the conversation.

13. Name-dropping

If you are being inspired by other people, well-known or not, make sure you mention them in your blog posts. Use their name and link to their blog.

This will probably increase a credibility on your post and these people will perhaps visit your article to leave a comment.

Make sure to give them credit if your pot has been inspired by them. It is always great to get a comment from a well-known blogger, influencer or entrepreneur.

And people will be more enticed to leave their comment as well when they see a well-known person do the same.

14. Acknowledging your fans

Display a list of top commentators on your website (if your commenting platform allows it).

Regular commentators on your blog will be proud to see their names on that list.

On the other hand, others will be motivated to try to surpass them and get their bit of fame – by commenting more actively.

15. Q&A session

This is one of the great methods to stir up a large number of silent audience.

Announce that you will be running a Q&A session wherein you’ll be answering any questions from your followers.

Invite everyone to post any questions they want to ask in comments.

16. Conduct a survey 

Another powerful method to gain more comments is to conduct a quick survey.

Ask a question in your article and provide up to four response options.

And then, invite your readers to vote for the best answer they like (or consider as right) by posting the chosen number in comments.

You will definitely get tons of comments and engagements this way. However, the comments will unlikely be long and meaningful.

17. Use ideas from comments

Applying the above methods or maybe some of them, you will definitely get some interesting comments.

Some people will ask a question or will come up with an interesting idea that you can answer in a new article. Make sure to give credit to your commenters and ask your readers their opinion about the points raised.

This is then a great way to leverage your existing comments to generate more and more engagement on your blog.

18. Cross-posting to social media 

Cross-linking or cross-posting an article to all your social media pages is easy and fast.

Sharing your content with a great effort can get a lot more comments as different people follow you on different social media platforms.

Cross-posting your article will then generate you more traffic and allows you to engage a larger proportion of your base, which results in more comments.

19. Hook the audience

When you write your article, you may consider talking about what you’ll be covering in the next article.

This will create an excitement and will loop your audience into the conversation, and you will probably find that people will more likely respond with their opinions about it.

You will probably get readers commenting and saying that they’ll be looking forward to the next exciting topic, tips or installation of an article.

20. Response notification

Not all platforms or themes have this as a default setting. You may have to set it up manually.

When your users subscribe to comments, they will then get notified of all subsequent responses to their comment.

Your subscribers will then most probably return and leave another comment in response to someone else’s comment, especially if someone disagrees with their comments.

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Final Thoughts…

If you are a new blogger or online entrepreneur, do not let the lack of comments discourage you from keeping a blog and simply quit. It is a typical problem that all bloggers face.

Applying the right strategies or tricks can help you to gain tons of comments and engagements.

I hope that these simple “20 quick tips to get more blog comments” will help you to solve any problem in gaining tons of comments for your online business.

Good luck with stirring your readers up and go get those blog comments ahead!

If you have any thought or more suggestions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Good luck with your journey to financial freedom online. God bless!

How to get more blog comments in your blog posts: Here are 20 quick tips and tricks you can employ to increase the number of comments and get more engagement in your website and business!


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