Affiliate marketers are using a lot of time with the daily tasks on their online business, such as creating campaigns, contents, sales letters, landing pages, etc.

So, whether you’re a newbie or an expert in online marketing, you know that automated software can save you a lot of time and can accelerate the process of monetization (making money).

If you came across Affiliate Bots and you want to know more about this product, then you came to the right place as this review is from an insider.

Could Affiliate Bots be the answers to all your time agony?

Can you really earn a $400+ per day with it?

How does it work?

If you have been here before then you probably know that I highly recommend affiliate marketing in building a passive income online.

So, I actually bought the Affiliate Bots to take a look inside and see if the 37 tools could be useful in my affiliate business.

Affiliate Bots Reviews: 37 Mind Blowing Tools + $417/day (Insider’s View)

Before I start…

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Affiliate Bots 2 Overview: 


Product Name: Affiliate Bots Version 2


Founder: Cris & Ken (The Affiliate Bots)

Product Type:  Automation Tools for online business

Price: $17 or $12 with the $5 discount

Best For:  Online Marketers

Rating: 95/100

Recommended:  Yes

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What is Affiliate Bots?

Affiliate Bots is a bundle of internet marketing software and tools. The tools are best suited for affiliate marketing businesses. However, you can use all the tools with any type of online business like e-commerce, personal blog or any local business entity website.

Affiliate Bots Version 1 was launched in 2018. This version has a bundle of 17 affiliate marketing software. Version 1 was very successful and they claim that you can even earn up to 417/day with this version.

In February 2019, the Affiliate Bots Version 2 was launched at it additionally offers 20 more software. This means buying version 2 will give you instant access to 37 very useful internet marketing tools. They claim that after the upgraded version of Affiliate Bots, the insiders were being able to earn up to $12,000 in just one day.

I personally think that these claims are overwhelming and too hard to believe. So, I bought the version 2 to make a product review and I was honestly expecting that this could be just another scam around the web.

But hey! to my big surprise, when I accessed the full bundle list inside the Affiliate Bots – the software and tools were totally mind-blowing.

I knew this will definitely help my affiliate business. 

Will it change my number 1 recommendation? Nope. Not at all but it will supplement it.

Will this help your online business? Absolutely. No doubt.

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Affiliate Bots Version 2 Software-List

When you buy the Affiliate Bots 2.0 right now, you’ll also get the high value, time-limited bonuses below…

  • 37 software tools in 1 insane offer – Valued at $4,670
  • AI Search Engine – Traffic, AI Spy Tool & Niche Research – 18-in-1 Software – Valued at $997
  • WebWidgets – “Copy & paste” to Convert Website Visitors into Buyers – 10-in-1 Software -Valued at $997
  • AutoWebsite Tool – Create Websites with Content in 70 Seconds – Valued at $97
  • Banner Bots – Create Banners in Seconds – Valued at $47
  • CB250 – ClickBank Affiliate Program Software – Valued at $67
  • AffiliateAds 2.0 – Split-Test 1600x CB Banner Ads Software – Valued at $67
  • Launch Pulse – Top Launches Software – Valued at $67
  • King Of The Zoo 2.0 – JVZoo Software – Valued at $67
  • IM Affiliate Bot 2.0 Software – Valued at $97
  • HostingAffiliate BOT Software – Valued at $37
  • Warrior50 – WarriorPlus Software – Valued at $67
  • ResellDB -Resell Rights Software – Valued at $37
  • Domainaveli – Domain Name Software – Valued at $497
  • 1 Click Affiliate – Site/Script-Building software– Valued at $297
  • Rapid Video Ranker – video creation software – Valued at $97
  • AutoMailer – Autoresponder software – Valued at $47
  • Dropaveli – Find 100k Dropped Domain Names – Valued at $97
  • 35 page Quick Start guide (PDF) – Valued at $97
  • Quick Start Training Videos – Valued at $97
  • All software Mac/PC Compatible – All Tools are CLOUD-BASED!
  • AI + Automation = Huge Affiliate Commissions – Valued at $PRICELESS
  • Months of updates planned – Valued at $997


BONUSES: You will also get bonuses such as 9 WordPress Plugins. Titan Products, SEO – Google, YouTube, and Email Marketing simplified guide, etc. really useful.

How Does Affiliate Bots Work?

Getting inside the platform and accessing different kinds of software and tools can be very overwhelming. If you are a complete newbie in the affiliate marketing business, you’ll probably get confused with all the software, how to use them and how to get started.

Affiliate marketing is basically a business wherein you can money by recommending other people’s product. Read more about affiliate marketing and how it works here.

If you already know the basic concept of affiliate marketing business, then you will recognize the core steps in earning money with the help Affiliate Bots.

This is how the Affiliate Bots works in a nutshell:

Step 1. Choose affiliate programs.

Step 2. Create your scripts with 1 Click Affiliate Software

Prepare the script for the video.

Step 3. Create the video with Rapid Video Creator.

Step 4. Rinse and Repeat

Using the software mentioned, you can write a content, landing page or sales letters with a few minutes. Using the same content, you can generate a marketing video using the Rapid Video Creator.

These are the tasks that the Affiliate Bots simplifies and saves you a lot of time:

  1. Writing contents on your website
  2. Video creation for your YouTube Channel
  3. Generating sales letters for your email marketing
  4. Landing pages for your campaigns
  5. SEO and ranking


Pricing & Upsells

The one-time payment 

The whole package of the Affiliate Bots Version 2 is only $17. You can get a $5 discount, so you basically only pay $12 one-time payment.


Right after you purchased the Affiliate Bots, you’ll get the following offers:

  1. $1 for a 7-day trial period for the Done-for-you 6-paged website and then a $27/per month after the trial period. You’ll get a free domain name and free web hosting.
  2. $1 for a 7-day trial period of ProClub and then $17/month – This will give you more access to different software in one place.
  3. Inside the ProClub platform, you will also see a lot of useful software for creating your own products that you can buy separately.

Pros & Cons


  • Very cheap one-time price considering the value of everything inside the package. Even the upsells are very affordable.
  • Comprehensive video training for each software
  • Easy-to-follow step-by-step guide
  • Excellent Customer Support – They respond quickly to my emails.
  • 60 days money back guarantee


Nothing so far. But if have to mention one it’s the overwhelming information of everything you will get access to all at the same time. This can be confusing for a newbie.

Verdict &
Final Thoughts

So, is Affiliate Bots a Scam? No. Definitely not.

The huge earning potential claims on their sales page are very controversial. However, doing the “rinse and repeat” quick system several times a day makes it all sense.

In fact, creating one campaign takes only 6-7 minutes maybe max 1 hour, while you have to use 6-7 hours in a traditional way.

The Affiliate Bots make everything easier and faster. So, no doubt that this is an ultimate system that can help any kind of business online.

Read more about Affiliate Bots 2 Here.

CONCLUSION: Highly Recommended

Before you leave…

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This is the end of today’s product review “Affiliate Bots”. I hope you have learned a little bit more about this opportunity and can make a better decision whether or not this program can help you and your finances. 

Have you tried Affiliate Bots or any similar program before? I would like to hear about your experience with it.

If you want me to do a product review of a particular online business, please send me a message and I will be more than happy to help you out. 

Good luck with your journey to financial freedom online. God bless!



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