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Hello there! Welcome to my Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review! 

Taking time in researching about legitimate online making money program is always recommended before you jump into any opportunity presented on your screen.

And I congratulate you for taking the time to do your own research.

That’s the way to avoid scams and find a real and legitimate way to earn money online!

Stefan James is the founder of Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review and claims to help you build a 7-figure affiliate marketing business from scratch through this course.

But is it really possible? Is this worthy of your investment?

So, here’s the truth…

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review [Don’t Waste $1,997!]

Review Summary:

Product Name: Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Founder: Stefan James Pylarinos

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Online Course

Price: $1,997 or 3 payments of $767

Best For: Beginners in affiliate marketing

Summary: Yes, Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a legit course. The course has some great values and tons of training to help anyone get started with affiliate marketing the right way. The main downside is that the huge investment of $1,997 without actual tools. So, my conclusion is – the course is great but overpriced.

Rating: 85/100

Recommended: Yes, but not worth the price!


What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery was created by Stefan James Pylarinos in 2016 and he is also the founder of many other high-quality products online such as Kindle Money Mastery.

Basically, Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a step-by-step training course who aims to teach people to build an online brand and make money with affiliate marketing.

So, basically the course topics are as follows:

  • Finding a niche
  • Blogging
  • YouTube marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • And most importantly how to monetize everything through affiliate marketing!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

For those of you who are new to affiliate marketing, you can read my article here. Otherwise, Stefan explains it well in his video here:

Basically, affiliate marketing is a business model where you don’t have to:

1. Create your own products
2. Worry about shipping & handling
3. Handle customer service & refund, etc.
4. Administrative work

Basically, affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products and earn commissions based on your sales.

So, the only job you need to do is marketing and selling! That’s affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

And most importantly…

Affiliate marketing requires no prior skills and experience as long as you are willing to learn.


Inside Affiliate Marketing Mastery

1. Training

Training included in Affiliate Marketing Mastery is as follows :

  • 7 main training modules – Over 20+ hours worth of content!
  • Over 70+ step-by-step tutorial videos
  • Downloadable PDF with transcripts and summary for each of the lesson.
  • 90-Day Email Coaching Program
  • Weekly Webinars
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing Training
  • Expert Interview Series

Here are the 7 main course modules:

2. Tools

As mentioned above, Affiliate Marketing Mastery, unfortunately, does not offer any real tools for your online business which is one of their major downsides in an online course!

Some of the essential tools for affiliate marketing include:

  • Web hosting
  • Website domain registration
  • Keyword Research Tool for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Service Provider / Autoresponder for Email Marketing

3. Support

Affiliate Marketing Mastery has an effective support team you can contact on their website.

They also have a Private Facebook Group which is active and helpful.

4. Price

Another major downside with Affiliate Marketing Mastery is the price.

They have 2 payment options, which are:

  • A one-time payment of $1,997
  • 3 installments of $767 (= $2,301)

On the other hand, you’re covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Who is Affiliate Marketing Mastery For?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is for complete beginners with zero or little knowledge and experience in the affiliate marketing course program will teach everything from scratch, including setting up your website, social media accounts, etc.

Who is not suitable for Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

  1. People who are expecting “get rich quick” results.
  2. People who don’t have enough money to invest.

This program focuses on building a long-term business and the strategies do work in the long run. So, if you have no patience to persist through the journey and you have not enough money to invest in the first place, Affiliate Marketing Mastery is NOT for you.

I think further explanation is not necessary. Affiliate Marketing Mastery is not cheap.

CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW FOR THE BEST ALTERNATIVE: FREE to get started and only cost $49/month fee to go full-time!

Things I Like About Affiliate Marketing Mastery…

1. It’s Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is my #1 recommended business to create passive income online. All you need is the right mindset, determination, patience, and persistence. And you WILL definitely succeed!

The reason is simple…

  • A long-term business which unlimited earning potentials.
  • You don’t have to recruit people like Mulileverage Marketing (MLM) models.
  • You don’t have to create your own products.i
  • You don’t have to worry about administrative works like customer service, refunds etc.
  • It is far from E-commerce business, online store or webshop.
  • You have the freedom to build websites in any niche and promote any products you like.
  • You can do outsourcing or boost up your business growth.
  • This is a business model that can generate real passive income online!

There is no doubt that the Affiliate Marketing Mastery can give you the above-mentioned opportunities. In fact, I’m familiar with most of the things that this course talks about. So, you can truly rely on this if you want to get started with affiliate marketing.

2. Quality Training

It is absolutely clear that Affiliate Marketing Mastery offers quality training.

The sheer amount of training materials provided in the course such as 70+ videos – 20+ hours of content that Stefan has put a lot of work and effort into creating this quality course for you.

3. Stefan James Has A Proven Credibility

Stefan James is not only an ordinary product creator. Although Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a ClickBank product, it’s totally different from all those ClickBank scams. His products are trusted.

Stefan James is a really successful entrepreneur with almost 600K YouTube subscribers:

You can check Stefan James YouTube Channel – Project Life Mastery

Honestly, he is well-known in the internet marketing industry. His reputation is not questionable, so no doubt that you can trust his products.

4. No Hype

Affiliate Marketing Mastery’s sales page is truly different from most of the sales pages I’ve ever seen online.

Stefan’s sales video is not really a sales video. Actually, it’s a 1 hour 40 minutes long training video that teaches people about the basics of affiliate marketing. And that’s very awesome.

The training modules are even listed on the sale page so you know exactly what you can expect. The price is directly shown. No catch. No hype.

5. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

There’s a 30-day refund policy is great for any online offers.

If you are not satisfied, a then all you need to do is to get a refund by sending his team an Email and you can get your money back.

Things That I Don’t Like About Affiliate Marketing Mastery…

1. No Essential Tools

Online training is not enough for you to really get started with affiliate marketing.

To set up a website, you need to register your own domain name and your own web hosting.

To generate organic traffic SEO, you need a reliable keyword research tool

Affiliate Marketing Mastery doesn’t seem to have all this stuff in one place.

So, that means this is only a course and you have to invest more money into third tools and services.

This is why Wealthy Affiliate is still my #1 recommendation because it has literally everything you need for you to get started and to succeed in affiliate marketing.

2. Overpriced Program

There are a lot of people who can not afford $1,997 for an online course in Affiliate Marketing.

So, no matter how great or good this online course is, I would still say that it’s not worth the price.

And this $1,997 plus the extra costs you have to bear when investing in the third party tools and services.

Again, Wealthy Affiliate offers a FREE account to get started. You can stay as a free member for as long as you want. And if you want to have full access, it’s just $49/month or $29/month if you choose a yearly payment ($359). This is a lot more affordable than $1,997.

Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery a Scam?

No. Affiliate Marketing Mastery is definitely not a scam!

It is an absolutely legit and valuable online course.

However, let me remind you of the 2 major downsides:

  1. Affiliate Marketing Mastery has no real tools to help you get started.
  2. It is definitely overpriced.

I hope this Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review has enlightened you with any doubt you had. If you have any question or thought, please feel free to leave me a comment below. Good luck to your journey to financial freedom online. 

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