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Beat The Market Analyzer – Can You Really Make Money With It? (Honest Review)

“Beat The Market Analyzer”

Walking the path to financial freedom requires different skills and abilities in investing. There are a lot of investment opportunities online and the stock market is one of the best handy money-making platforms where you can earn money anytime and anywhere – Provided that you know what you’re doing.

Is The Stock Market Risky? Yes. 

We know that any investment involves risks and when you want to enter the amazing world stock market you definitely want to learn managing risks.

But How Can You Manage Your Risk In The First Place If You Are A Complete Novice Investor? 

What if you can just have a Stock Analyzer, that could tell you whether or not a particular stock is good to buy or not now?

Well, this is exactly what beatthemarket.com wants to deliver to you – to pick the right and profitable stock and saving a lot of time learning or doing all the fancy and difficult financial analysis.

Before I start…

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However, I assure that you definitely will love the stock market once you have the knowledge, the tools and know how it really works because it can accelerate your journey to financial independence and freedom.

In my humble opinion, the stock market is a must in achieving financial freedom.

Let’s get started.

Beat The Market Analyzer Overview: 

Product Name: Beat The Market Stock Analyzer

Website: beatthemarketanalyzer.com

Founder: Grant Gigliotti

Product Type:  Stock Analyzer

Price: Free Trial, $66/ 6months, $99/year

Best For:  Beginner – Expert

Rating: 98/100

Recommended:  Yes

What is Beat The Market Analyzer?

The Beat The Market Analyzer (BTMA Analyzer) is a system that offers a great tool in analyzing a single stock and multiple stocks to show whether or not a particular stock is profitable.

It aims to help investors, especially the newbies, to get started investing with confidence, make safe and profitable returns consistently.

This system is created by Grant Gigliotti, by using the Value Investing strategies of Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham. His ultimate goal is to simplify stock investment so you can build wealth with less hassle.

So Beat The Market Analyzer will make your stock investing simple without all the hype and information overload.

Below is a video to understand how the Value Investing Strategy works. It is a proven strategy for long-term investment.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/p-cuPHw2dx0″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

How Does 
Beat The Market Analyzer Work?

When you are interested in buying a stock, for example, Apple, and you’re not sure if you should buy it today or not, then using the Beat The Market Analyzer is the fast way to figure it out.

Using this analyzer, you simply type the stock code/ticker symbol in the BTM Spreadsheet and it will calculate everything you need to know whether it is profitable to buy an Apple stock today or not.

Below is a short video on how Beat The Market Analyzer Work.

The BTMA Stock Analyzer is the only tool I’ve seen that combines a speedy stock screener, deep fundamental analysis, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and a stock picker all in one place.

Pros & Cons


  • Simple and very easy-to-use system
  • Accurate, quick and on time calculations
  • Great multiple-screening function
  • Deep fundamental analysis
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Good stock picker tool
  • Very affordable pricing plans
  • Offers trial period
  • No hidden charges or upsells
  • 60-days Money-Back Guarantee


No information about system updates yet.

Verdict &
Final Thoughts

So, is Beat The Market Analyzer a Scam? No. It is definitely a legitimate product that delivers what it promises – a speedy analyzer, fundamental analysis, quantitative and qualitative analysis and a great stock picker tool all in one place.

I’ve been investing in the stock market for years now and I used to have hesitations in recommending my families and friends in do-it-your-self investing type because I know that the stock market is very risky if you don’t know to pick a single stock on the first place.

I always recommend money-market or mutual funds when starting in investing as these investments are typically managed by professionals. However, when I discover the BTMA Stock Analyzer, I knew this is the most awaited system for all newbies and even for professionals who want to save time in stock analysis.

Imagine when other investors are hesitating by spending weeks grazing over endless data and individually comparing stocks, you will be able to analyze the entire S&P 500 and the thousands of US-traded stocks with the click of a button. And the BTMA Stock Analyzer will directly tell you a handful of the best stocks to buy.

Best of above all, your investment decisions will be 100% based on FACT; you will be confident and ready to take action while other investors are still waiting with an uncertainty of which stock to buy.

CONCLUSION: Highly Recommended

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But again, you definitely want to build passive income in the stock market as one of your investment vehicles to accelerate your journey to financial freedom online. 

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This is the end of today’s product review “Beat The Market Analyzer Review”. I hope you have learned a little bit more about this opportunity and can make a better decision whether or not this program can help you and your finances. 

Have you tried BTMA Stock Analyzer before? I would like to hear about your experience with it or any similar program you’ve tried by writing them below. 

Moreso, if you want me to do a product review of a particularly online business, please send me a message and I will be more than happy to help you out. 

Good luck with your journey to financial freedom online. God bless!

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