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Have you been scammed before? Report them to the FTC Here. Cash Back is one of the popular Cashback And Coupon Sites. This site will allow you to get more benefits out of your online efforts. However, this is not about making a full-time income online. It’s more about saving money while doing online shopping.

So, if you are a good spender online, then a cashback program is a very good place to take advantage of.

If this is the first time you encountered then you’d probably wonder if this program is legit or scam or if it pays off your time or if it will give real incentives at all.

In this review, I’ll be detailing what you’d have to expect by joining BeFrugal.

If you do online shopping quite often then BeFrugal is something that could be of interest to you. You’ll get paid or cash back when you shop online and that’s how it’s all about.

It sounds easy to do and you’ll be earning money from your shopping, but if you’re looking for a way to make a full-time income with this, then this is absolutely not the right program.

BeFrugal.Com – Legit or Scam? Get Paid With Online Shopping? Review, Summary: 

Product Name: BeFrugal

Website: (Sign Up Here)

Owner/founder: Capital Intellect Inc./Jon Lal

Program Type: CashBack & Coupons

Membership: FREE

Best For Online Shoppers

Recommended?: Yes, for money savings. No, for full-time income

Ratings: 60/100

Verdict: Legit.

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Review’s Scope: 

  • Main Concept
  • Pros And Cons Of
  • How Does Work?
  • Coupons And Cash Back Guarantees
  • How Do You Get Paid
  • Do You Really Need Services?
  • Complaints About
  • Conclusions Main Concept

The main idea behind is just another Cashback And Coupon Site, which allows you to save money through coupons as well as earn some cash back with your online shopping. has currently more than 5,000 partnered merchants – like Amazon, eBay, Macy’s, Nike’s – too many to mention. So, there’s a huge platform of merchants you can choose from. Your opportunities are almost unlimited.

Just try to imagine that you can save and earn money with anything you buy online for up to 40%! Pretty cool, right? Not only that. You can also get coupons and avail huge discounts.

This looks really promising, but you need to keep reading to learn more about BeFrugal before you sign up so you know what you’ll be dealing with.

Pros And Cons Of BeFrugal


  • It’s FREE to join
  • You get 10$ sign up bonus if you get $25 cash back
  • Get coupons
  • Earn cash back up to 40%
  • VeryGood referral program
  • Many satisfied members
  • Over 5,000 popular merchants to choose from


  • Have some complaints from members
  • Not recommended for full-time income
  • You need to spend money in order to benefit from BeFrugal services is specifically designed for people who love shopping online. So, if you are one of them – this is a great place for you. However, there are some serious complaints among members that you need to be aware of. Read more below.

But again, if you are looking for a full-time income online that can give you a great ticket to quit your job, allow me to help you and recommend a much better opportunity. It’s FREE to join. Click the button below to read more about it:

How Does Work?

Like I mentioned above, you can get benefits from your online shopping with through cash back and coupons. But, how does it really work?

It’s easy to sign up and it’s free to join and no monthly membership fee at all.

Once you become a member, you can choose any merchant, like eBay, Amazon, Wallmart – literally – your favorite stores are probably there! Then you earn cash back by simply shopping and then get paid. Sounds really simply right.

Now, let’s go a little bit deeper.

Online Shopping

Once you sign up, you will be automatically eligible for a $10 sign up bonus IF you can earn yourself at least $25 cash back within 90 days. Let’s say you bought your make up kit on eBay or any partnered merchant that offers 10% cash back. So, you need to purchase something in order to get a bonus or cash backs. Fair enough right?.

Using is easy. Again, once you’ve created your account you start browsing online stores within site that are partnered with BeFrugal and complete your purchase, finally get your cash back and then get paid. That’s it.

Great deals are always easy to find on They usually appear on the front page. And I’m sure your favorite stores are listed on there, so you can always find some great deals and save a good amount of money on your purchase.

Referral Program has also a great referral program and this is really a good option to make some good money by just referring your friends and families or just anyone.

When you refer a friend, you get $10 and your friend gets $10 too (formerly $15, $10).

Once you log into you will get a unique link. You can find this link by clicking the “Refer-a-Friend & Get $10” just right beside your “My account” button.

When you click that button, you’ll find your unique link that looks like this:

This is the link that you’ll be sharing with your friends. If they sign in using your link, then they will become your referrals and you both will get $10 bonus each. But, again your friends need to make purchases within 90 days.

But even if it does look simple, it’s not easy at all. More about it later. Well, if you can do it, I have to admit that the payout is great.


Coupons are also very popular everywhere. has this offer too. They have tons of coupons within the platform – such as groceries, online stores, and restaurants.

As suggested. It is best that you stack your money savings by combining your coupons with the best cash back BeFrugal rates. See the images of online coupons below:

Aside from online coupons, you can also use coupons on hundreds of popular restaurants. This is a great way of using your coupons if you love dining out. Here are some of the top restaurants at the time of this review: offers also printable coupons, grocery coupons, and numerous great deals. So you don’t have to collect and cut out some new papers.

And remember that has more than 3000 printable grocery coupons plus printable coupons of hundreds of restaurants and retail stores. You can print any of them and save!

Coupons & Cash Back Rate Guarantee team guarantees that all their coupons do work. If you find a coupon that doesn’t work, just contact BeFrugal team within 24 hours of your purchase and they will give you a $5 bonus.

And if you have made a purchase through and then you find a better cash back rate elsewhere, will match it by 125%!

This is amazing! These guarantees are not available in other cashback or coupon sites. Just remember to act quickly and your purchase must be reported to them with the necessary information they need – within 24 hours.

How Do You Get Paid? 

There are different great options for you to get paid out and each has their own minimum payout amount as shown below:

You can also choose to be get paid with eGift Card and get additional bonuses as shown below:

I’ve never seen a penny minimal payout amount before for any type of payout option. Take a look at PayPal. It only requires a single cent cash back to get a withdrawal, very cool.

Oh, Please be noted that the Payment methods and eGift Cards are mostly available for US members. So, if you’re an international member, then you have PayPal and 2 eGift Card options to choose from. PayPal and Amazon! Still great options as non-US members.

Do You Really Need Services?

Well, this is obviously a subjective question. It depends on your online and offline shopping habits whether or not you’ll need services and benefits.

I would say you don’t need it but it’s a great way to save and earn money by doing your normal shopping.

I honestly love online shopping. I frequently use eBay to buy some cool stuff. I also love to travel so I use hotel and flight bookings as well.

I’m a non-US member but I can still use the program with the things I normally buy online. How much more if you are from the US, right?

Do you need extra money? Well, you can make good money with by simply referring people to their site.

However,  you can only maximize your profit with this if you know how to promote your link, drive traffic to the offers and convert visitors into BeFrugal members.

It’s not easy and requires knowledge and experience. You should know how to build a website, how to drive traffic using free and paid methods. And this works exactly as an affiliate marketing concept.

So, if you want to learn how to make huge money through this concept, don’t forget to check out my #1 recommendation on how to create passive income online through affiliate marketing. Click the button below.

You can really make a lot of money if you stick to BeFrugal referral program. Again, you can IF you know how to do it.

Complaints About

The above complaints are taken from and (Better Business Bureau). There are other review sites with several complaints about You can click here to read more complaints if you wish to. There are 89 complaints from US alone. BBB covers the US, Canada, and Mexico for customers complaints. 

However, you can also find several positive reviews of online. According to my research has been operating a legit business since 2009 and have undergone a lot of improvements.


The big question is: Is legit or scam? I can definitely say that is Legit. 

Regardless of the numerous complaints about, they are actually still highly rated for this program type. However, this is strictly a coupon/cashback site. is one of the better ones I have reviewed so far.

If you’re wondering how is able to give you cash back, it’s because they make money from you when you make purchases through the partnered merchants available on their website.

Once you click at the store’s link where you want from BeFrugal’s site is an affiliate link that tracks you that merchant’s site and the merchant gives a commission for the sale they generated.

That concept is called affiliate marketing – as I mentioned above – you too can make money online using this method. is using a bit more advanced affiliate marketing concept, wherein they’ll have to verify your purchases before they pay you. And sometimes it could take a lot of time before you see your cash backs – depending on the company’s return policy. This is between 30 to 90 days.

And this is why there are a lot of complaints due to this verification process.

From my thorough research of this website, I can confidently do recommend for saving money techniques and to earn a little money online through their referral program.

However, if you want to learn how you create passive income online and eventually quit your job, then allow me to guide you all way through your success.

My top recommended program is NOT FREE, but it’s well worth the time and money you’ll invest in it. And the good news is that you can join and try my recommended program for FREE.

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I hope this Review has enlightened you with any doubt you had. If you have any question or thought, please feel free to leave me a comment below. Good luck to your journey to financial freedom online.

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