The technology, particularly the internet and the process of earning money online have made it easier for people to achieve financial freedom or maybe not?

However, the billion dollars online business industry today has also become an inclined opportunity for those who were early comers, computer geeks as well as the people who were and are eager to learn who to leverage from it.

I must point out that building an online business today doesn’t require any special computer knowledge. You just need to know the basics like writing in a Word document and using the facebook.

On the other hand, there are people who have no privilege of having an internet or having a computer. Do they even have the chance to achieve financial freedom in our modern generation?

Yes, of course, they can. You can.

Here is my story and I know you too can do it.

Welcome to today’s topic: 

How I Achieve Financial Freedom Without Internet At The Age Of 24

At the age of 20, I was working as a government employee and my salary was as normal as everybody else – underpaid according to the amount of the work I deliver. 

If you have read my bio, so you’d know that I originally came from the Philippines and I still have businesses and passive income generating assets over there today. Most of them were acquired even before I moved here in Denmark back in 2007.

So, I worked as an accountant and my cost of living was relatively high. I had a car, which was a gift from my dad when I graduated from University. The car maintenance and gasoline expenses alone were eating my salary.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to still be living with my parents so I don’t have to pay fixed rental expenses.

However, as a consideration, I gave money to my mom every 2 weeks (every time I get a salary) so my expenses were almost the same as if I rented a little apartment.

I didn’t come from a rich family but my parents were not poor either (at least the time I was born). Yes, my parents were poor before that, but I remember that my parents were very hardworking. They built their success through the consistent building of passive income, frugal lifestyle and at the same time continuing the sources of active income on both sides.

My father had a construction firm and my mom had a kiosk, lending business, and clothing business.

So, I think my success at an early age is due to the fact that I was raised up in that environment – frugal lifestyle, businesses, and close family relationship.

So, back to my story by doing showing the money. lol.  

Breakdown Of The Money

I’m still amazed today whenever I think back how little my salary was and how I managed to get out of my 9-5 job and become financially independent and achieve financial freedom after around 3 years.

All numbers were converted to US dollars so you can relate better as you read on. Take note that the numbers are not adjusted with the inflation rate today. 

For example the commodity prices. The price of rice rose from Php10-15 per kilo to Php50-66 per kilo.

Income Sources from salary, selling rice and basic commodities, clothing installment and pawnshop later on (Let’s go back to this later):

Monthly Income

  • Salary: $150 excluding bonuses (I quit after 3 years)
  • Net Profit from rice installment: $100
  • Net Profit from other commodities sugar, oil, etc.: $100
  • Net Profit from clothes installment: $300
  • Net Profit from Pawnshop: $1,600 (level achieved after 2 years)

Total: $2,250 per month

Monthly Expenses:

  • House rental: $0
  • Allowance – mom: $60
  • Gasoline Expense: $40
  • Car maintenance (Average): $50
  • Personal Allowance: $100

Total: $250

Monthly Savings For Investments: $2,000.

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The Reality Of Working 9-5 Job

Looking at my numbers, you will probably notice that my monthly expenses were much higher than my monthly salary alone. Unfortunately, this is the reality for most of the people working on the 9-5 job – a deficit budget. 

I remember one of my officemates back then ( I will never forget this). I found her crying in the ladies room and I ask her why? She said because it was payday and she only had 20 pesos (50 cents) back after paying all her advances and loans. 

Unfortunately, she was not the only one. What they were doing was just borrowing money and recycle a loan every single month. The result = accumulated debts. 

I even had an officemate who suddenly went abroad leaving hundred thousands of multiple loans unpaid at the workplace.

That was the reality for many who have or had a 9-5 job. Actually, my working time was even more- it was 7am-5pm. That was 10 hours a day 5 days a week = 50 hours.

And most of the time, we needed to work in the weekends during elections or other government events and we’d never get paid for it.

Unfortunately, I also have to use at least a 1-hour drive from home to my workplace (2 hours back and forth) using my car. And I could use up to 2 hours (4 hours back and forth) drive if I choose to commute or use public transportation.

Obviously, I could save 2 hours a day or 10 hours a week by keeping my car. So, I did it.

Deep inside me, I knew I had to do something when I calculate my income contra my expenses. Having a car is too expensive at the level of my salary but I really need it.

That’s how I started to build other sources of income while actively working because I need to keep my car. lol.


How I Started
Earning Extra Money

So, I knew I badly need more sources of income of at least $100 if I kept my car. So, I began selling rice to my officemates and other basic commodities like cooking oil, sugar, etc. And they paid me whenever they get their salaries. I began earning an extra $200 per month by doing so.

I bought the commodities on wholesale price which enable me to earn up to 40% markup.

Where did I get the capital? I used my bonuses as my initial investment and all the installment payments were reinvested right away and it accumulated faster.

Then I started a clothing business and I hired my niece to manage it with the profit sharing of 60/40 on my advantage. That gave me around $300 a month.

At one point, my sister lost her job and I wanted to help her because she was pregnant and she couldn’t work anymore in ordinary working hours.

So, I started a pawnshop business with a very humble initial investment of $16,000.

I went to a jewelry and stones appraisal course back then and I remember one of my classmates when he told us that he was so nervous because his capital for his pawnshop business was too low.

Then, I asked him how much and he said: “I only have 8 million pesos ($160,000) as my initial investment”. 

And I was very shy to say how much I had for my initial investment. lol.

Pawnshop plus lending business accumulated my assets because I reinvested everything and kept my expenses low. I bought 3 parcels of land and I built my own house, which I converted into 3 apartments later on.

I left my most secured permanent position in the government and focussed on my own businesses at the age of 24. 

That’s all without any internet!  

Final Thoughts

My story is far from being extraordinary. I believe anybody can to do it because it really doesn’t require any special skills. In fact, as long as you are willing to learn you will never be left behind.

So, no matter where you are in your life’s journey today, success can be achieved even at the lowest point of your financial situation. People get buried with debts because of lack of control over their personal finances.

So, learn to make financial plans even your bank account is on big red numbers. Meaning, you are on a budget deficit. Strictly follow your plans and you will definitely meet them.

Living a simple and frugal life even when you already earning more than enough will increase your savings and investments. Accordingly, finding different ways to earn more money will accumulate your income even more.

The simple and clear formula in achieving financial freedom is always to keep your expenses low and keep finding ways to earn money even more.

Through hard work and persistence, success is within your reach.

This is the end of today’s topic “How I Achieved Financial Freedom Without Internet At The Age Of 24”. I hope you have learned something from my personal story and that it would help you to make wiser decisions for your personal finance.

This post aims to inspire you to take more actions in improving your personal finances. However, we highly recommend talking to your financial advisor for the actual investment plans that suit your current financial status. 

If you have any suggestion or question, please feel free to comment below. Thanks and good luck to your journey to financial freedom. 

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