If you are considering an online gig, side hustle, and passive income streams today, then this post is for you as I will be walking you through how to finally start and make money online. 

If you are looking for a quick-rich-scheme, you can navigate further, as this post will not provide you anything like that. 

Starting an Online Business And Becoming Your Own Boss At Home is Actually Not That Hard. 

Well, if you know how to do it right. 

But the problem is, if you are new to this adventure then everything will seem to be overwhelming and confusing. 

Common Story For An Online Business Adventure 

Here’s what most online business owners story looks like (more or less)… This could sound too familiar to you or this could be you. (I’ve been there). 

  • You want to access all the free information
  • You signed up for different webinars, free eBooks and free coaching hour
  • You realized you got hundreds of eBook pages to read that you don’t even know where to start
  • You realized you got thousands of emails from all the freebies you signed up for, which you don’t even have time to read
  • You realized that it’s okay to pay a little money just to get the real path to success for your business
  • You saw a lot of convincing programs
  • You fall from scams
  • You wasted money and time

Then you quit OR realized that high-quality programs really do need investments, so again: 

  • You search for different high ticketed programs
  • You pay thousands of dollars
  • You realized that they (programs) are all the same 
  • You realized that the process is actually simple and why you thought it should be complicated
  • Then you vigorously work day and night until your success knocks on your door

You see, the path to success might not be simple if you don’t know where to start. Considering a common story of a successful online business owner, you know that along the way, there are a lot of people who just quit. 

Remember, that only when you quit, it’s the end of the journey. So, as long as you keep going, you will get there where you want to be. 

So, How To Start An Online Business And Make Money? 

Making money is our main focus in this article. I assume that this is your main goal for your business too. So let’s get started. 

There are 3 major things that you need to consider before starting an online business. 

  • What your passions, hobby or skills ar
  • How much time you are willing to invest every day 
  • How much you do want to earn with your online business.