Can you really make $519/day with Five Minute Profit Software? Sam Smith, the spokesperson for this offer says that you can earn that much from a secret industry worth over $12 Billion. Would you like that money being automatically generated just after 5 minutes and 17 clicks? I bet you would! Who would say no, right?!

Let us take a look at this closer and find out if this is certainly true or just one of the BS out there!

Is Five Minute Profit Sites a Scam? – Can You Really Make $519/Day?

Five Minute Profit Sites Reviews, Summary:

Product Name: Five Minute Profit Sites
Owner/Founder: Unknown/ Undetected
Program Type: Software
Price: $37 + multiple upsells
Ratings: 25/100
Recommended?: No.

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Review Scope:

  • What is Five Minute Profit Sites?
  • The Sales Video
  • Does This Software Really Work?
  • What Is That FREE License?
  • The Upsells
  • Blind Selling Of ClickBank Products
  • Watch Out The Disclaimer!
  • More Undesirable Truth
  • Final Thoughts
  • Your Better Option

What is Five Minute Profit Sites?

The Five Minute Profit Sites is a software to everyone who wants to earn online with affiliate marketing through ClickBank. It claims that is FREE and you can earn $519/day just after 5 minutes and 17 clicks. You do not have to do any work, the software will do all the work for you while seeing your income increasing every day automatically. They are claiming that they are leveraging the loopholes of the online business which is USP of their software.

The Sales Video

While the owner of this software is nowhere to be found on the internet, Sam Smith acts as the spokesperson in the sales video. However, this video has a lot of hype.

She claims that even beginners with no skills and experience can generate an insane amount of consistent money with the help of a secret software and industry. Sound cool, right?

According to the sales video, this software has an innovative point-and-click system that will help you make money fast from affiliate marketing, where it only takes 3 simple steps as follows:

  1. Set up a pre-made website
  2. Open a ClickBank affiliate account
  3. Join Aweber

And again, she claims that it only takes under 5 minutes and 17 clicks to do all those steps and you just have to sit back and see you’re earning $519 a day or much more.

Does This Software Really Work? 

The sales video claims as well that it will only take 23 minutes a day to make this system work – and everything else will be done by the software.

Let’s see the concrete steps on the platform.

The above picture shows that above-mentioned steps:
ClickBank setup, Domain Setup, and the Email Service Setup.

You will be connecting your ClickBank account to their software, select your domain name from their recommended list and then connect your Aweber account to their software. And that’s it.

Sound great? Well, a little bit funny and at the same time ridiculous. Of course, these steps are all the same in any affiliate marketing. And they promise that money will never leave your pocket – when you make money, they’ll make money. However, the truth is they already make money as soon as you decide to take this software:

  1. The program itself cost $37 with multiple upsells
  2. They earn affiliate income as soon as you sign up with ClickBank
  3. They earn affiliate income as soon as you get that domain hosted
  4. They earn affiliate income as soon as you sign up with Aweber.

So, no – they earn money even you don’t earn anything at all. Sadly, the truth is a different kettle of fish and you’ll see that their promise is just a marketing bait. Don’t you think it sounds too good to be true?

What Is That FREE License? 

Five Minute Profit Site gives you a free license to use the product, you might think that the software is free. Apparently, the sales video tries to gain your trust by convincing you that they’ll be partners with you in exchange for the free software. So that FREE license thing is just another marketing ploy.

The Upsells

Aside from the real cost of the program for $37,  you will be able to get a 7-day free trial on sales page exit depending on the sales page you view. And then you need to pay $7 monthly subscription fee after the free trial.

The Faster Profit Upsell.  Immediately after you sign up, you will be offered a $297 Upsell. Then, a reduced offer of $197 – and finally if you still don’t take action, then, you will get a discount offer of $50 so the final price will be $147.  This upsell promises you the following:

  • Bigger and faster profits – 100% done-for-you-website.
  • Fully equipped sales video presentation, unique articles and product reviews.
  • Affiliate links and dedicated one-on-one support.
  • Faster server, free hosting, and free domain name.

The double your profit upsell. This package costs $187 and you will get the option to get a niche website outside of “make money online” – which the only offered for the basic website. You will only choose from their own list – you really don’t choose your own niche.

The Traffic Tsunami Upsell. This product is initially priced at $147 and sells for $97. This promises you a step-by-step blueprint that you can copy to get a massive “Tsunami” of targetted traffic to your website.

So, what do you think? Still sounds good for you? Well, this sounds alarming to me. Why would you need all these upsells when they already claiming that you’ll be earning $519/day after 5 minutes and 17 clicks, right?!

Blind Selling Of ClickBank Products

The sales video will apparently persuade you that you’ll be marketing products that customers are sure to be bought.

Unfortunately, want you’ll just going to do is promoting ClickBank products with a variety of qualities and quantities. You will never see how to choose a good product through Five Minutes Profit Sites.

Chances are, you’ll be a blind seller of a bad quality product – selling something you don’t really know about is not the best trait to have as an online entrepreneur. And the result, you’ll probably get a lot of chargebacks and complaints.

Watch Out The Disclaimer!

Of course, this is a standard procedure. As I mentioned above, this program will enable themselves to earn profit through affiliate marketing.

Moreso, a software like this can never guarantee that you will make money. There are too many variables, and no one knows how determined you are or even if the system is even practical.

You can read their Full Risk Disclosure Statement here.

So, I’m sorry to burst your shining moment if you have expected a lot with this software.

Do you still want more undesirable truth with this program? read on.

More Undesirable Truth

Aside from the “not really” FREE software and the unknown owner or founder of this product, there are other things you should be aware of when looking at a very promising video like this one.

Remember that when they promise you an automatic software and easy way to earn money online – then shift the red flag! Be cautious.

1. The unrealistic earnings claims.

Did you see the earnings? It is actually as a vendor and not as an affiliate. But you will be getting an affiliate account on ClickBank when you buy the software.

There is honestly no way for a very new website to earn so much as this when you are an affiliate. And again, they can put anything on the sales page just to persuade you to buy the product and they can just put a disclaimer – who reads the disclaimer today?

2. The Five Minute “website” 

The website is NOT really a website. It is a software. When you purchase this product, you will be directed to download the software that helps to build your website.

While building your “simple website” you’ll be given a simple landing page with a sales video and an opt-in button to send people off to other low-quality ClickBank products.

Another thing is, you don’t really own your website. The website you build with Five Minute Profit Sites will be hosted on their server.

Hosting a website on other company is not recommended at all, especially that this company lacks transparency when it comes to pricing and income claims. Once this company closes, then everything will be lost.

One more thing, the domain that’ll be given by the system is NOT yours either, they belong to them. So, you’ll be totally dependent on their domains and your risk for losing your site is nowhere to evaluate.

In order to have a complete control of your website, you have to build your own website <= click here if you need help with this then I can help you with that.

3. Low-quality training on traffic

The Traffic Tsunami product which costs $97 (see above – Upsell) contains low-quality training. These are the following training that you’ll be going to have for that price tag.

  • Solo Ads (6 videos)
  • Article Marketing (4 videos)
  • Guest Blogging (3 videos)
  • Forum Marketing (2 videos)
  • Blog commenting (2 videos)
  • Press release (4 videos)

Take note that some of the training are outdated and are not applicable at all. And notice that training does not even include SEO.

The training videos are being presented by someone named Chris. It’s nowhere to confirm if he is the owner or the founder of this product.

4. More hidden cost.

Oh yes! there is still more monthly payment – the Aweber subscription of $19 per month. As I mentioned, they will earn from you every single month as soon as you sign up with Aweber.

Aweber is an autoresponder service than you need to connect to your “website”. You won’t be able to use your current autoresponder unless it’s Aweber.

Final Thoughts

The main question was: Is Five Minutes Profit Sites a Scam? I have done a lot of researches and I found people saying that this product is a scam. However, I found very few websites promoting this product and claim that it works – but they don’t have any real proof.

Therefore, my conclusion is that – I would NOT say it’s a scam rather a product with POOR quality, misleading campaigns and no transparency.

Sure you can make money with this product with affiliate marketing – but the promise of $519/day is no way realistic.

This product traps people who are greedy or too desperate enough to earn that much money in an easy way and in a short period of time.

If you are one of those people – you’d probably say it’s a scam because you’ll never achieve the same results as shown in the sales video. Take note, their disclosure page is their protection, so you can not sue them at all. Nice trick huh?

Oh, when they say – $12 Billion Secret Industry? that’s BS. There is no secret industry that will make you rich or a secret formula that will make you rich or a magic click button that will make you rich.

Stay away from those products because if you still believe in them, then you are too vulnerable to scams and unethical marketers. The worse thing is – you’ll never really make money online. So, change your mindset.

Your Better Option

If you believe that affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online – then I will totally agree with you. People are making money every day with it. Some are making millions and some people, like myself, are contented enough making 4-5 figure income stream with it.

However, the Five Minute Profit Sites is not the best option for you if you really want to take this great journey.

Every successful online business today started with the basics and nurtured over time until it generates great passive revenues.

You can do the same thing if you have the motivation, determination, and patience.

It starts with learning the basic skills and this is where thousands of successful online entrepreneurs started too. The best place to learn is the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. The first module with 10 lessons is free – no credit card needed. 

I hope this Five Minute Profit Sites Review has enlightened you with any doubt you had. If you have any question or thought, please feel free to leave me a comment below. Good luck with your journey to financial freedom online.

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