Cashback program and MLM in one place? That’s Lyconet.

I bet you’re looking for more information about Lyconet. If you haven’t noticed yet, Lyoness and the cashback world are all in the same umbrella.  This can be a bit confusing as companies normal use just one official website.

I’m glad you came across my review. That’s mean you’re probably doing your research about this opportunity, this is exactly how you can protect yourself from scams or bad online opportunities.

Welcome to my Lyconet Review.

You probably have a lot of questions and I will provide you all the necessary information that you need about this company and I’m even before you finish reading this review, you’ll know whether or not you should join Lyconet MLM or not.

Unfortunately, during my research about this company, I could find any possible feedback unless they are members or being paid affiliate. I’m not associated with this company so you can expect an unbiased review.

Ready to know whether Lyconet is the right business for you or not?


Let’s get started… 

Lyconet Review: Lyoness, Cashback World Or Another Scam?

Table of Content

Lyconet Reviews: Summary 

Company Name: Lyconet, Lyoness, Cashbackworld

Joining Price: Free (For Customers)

Rating: 25/100

Recommended: No 

Summary: Lyconet is a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Business inside the cashback world that benefits both the consumers and merchants.

Lyconet is definitely a legit company with a good but confusing marketing/compensation plan. However, if you need a home-based business that can generate you a consistent income, then this is not the best opportunity that I can recommend. The main reason is that MLM businesses have a very low success rate.

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What Is Lyconet?

Lyconet is an international company that promotes cashback mechanics that benefits both the consumers and merchants by earning points and saving money at the same time.

And what makes Lyconet different from all the other cashback companies out there, is that it offers the networking business to earn money too.

Lyconet is founded by Iwan J. Ackermann, Max Meienberg, Uwe Proch & Hubert Freidl in 2003. It has around 8 million members in 47 countries around the world. 

Lyconet, Lyoness, Cashback world, and Cashback Solutions are under the same umbrella. 


Since Lyoness doesn’t have any real product and its marketing strategy is mainly based on recruiting people, the company became one of the most controversial pyramid schemes in many countries. 

  • In Austria (its homeland), Lyoness has been declared as a pyramid scheme by 4 independent civil courts. 
  • Austrian Economic and Corruption Prosecutor (“WKStA”) investigated and concluded that Lyoness operates an illegal pyramid scheme.
  • Sweden, Poland, France, Hungary, Lithuania, and Greece are some of the countries that are alleging Lyoness as a pyramid scheme.
  • Norwegian Lottery Authority has confirmed Lyoness to be an illegal pyramid-based sales system and now banned in Norway.
  • However, the Federal Court confirmed that Lyoness is NOT a pyramid scheme (Source: ACCC)

Lyconet Review: Sub-websites

Why does this company have different websites? I don’t get any closer explanation than just to separate their activity departments. Here are they:

Lyconet is the website for all their networking activities.

Lyoness is the registered tradename for a group of globally distributed corporate structures.

Cashback World is their main brand & platform to connect shoppers and merchants, where the cashback offers are available. 

Cashback Solutions is the website where merchants can sign up and join Lyoness.

If you search for Lyoness or cashback world, you’ll the same website but 2 different domain names: and It shows like this:

Lyconet Review: How To Join?

The membership is free as a customer and you will get access to over 140,000 merchants.  As a merchant, you will have to pay around $449 or $39/month. 

Lyconet Review: Compensation Plan

“Friendship Bonus” Program, is the Lyconet/Lyoness MLM business model. This looks a lot like affiliate marketing rather than MLM compensation.

Unlike most of the MLM companies, you will not get compensated every time you recruit new members. However, you still need to recruit people as this is the only way you can earn a 0.5% commission from your recruits’ purchases and another 0.5% from the purchases of your recruits’ recruits.

Considering the free membership, I honestly can say that it’s not bad at all.

But it doesn’t end there. The Lyconet compensation plan is much more complicated than just the friendship bonus program.

Take a look at the video below for the full compensation and marketing plan of Lyconet or see the PDF file here.

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Lyconet Review: Programs & Bonuses

    • Cashback
    • Shopping Points
    • Balance Program
    • Career Program
    • Earnings
    • Types of Unit
    • Balance Categories and the Personal, National, Continental and International Balance
    • Balance Commission
    • Balance Bonus
    • Bonus Units
    • Transfer Units
    • Coach & Senior Coach Bonus
    • Career Commission
    • Career Bonus

Why Is Earning A Full-Time Income With an MLM Business Too Hard?

I have seen many MLM businesses and tried 3 MLM businesses in the past many years. I can say that the Lyconet marketing plan is not extra special. In fact, it is one of the complicated and confusing ones.

Direct Selling and multilevel network marketing businesses offer a generous compensation plan. However, if you look closer, these incentives and payout systems are not that easy to achieve for an “ordinary person”.

What are the major things that can make you say yes to an MLM business?

  • An overwhelming compensation plan that looks so easy.
  • A nice presentation that you’d think everyone in your team will work hard
  • You just can’t say “no” to the person who invited you

If you join an MLM business for just any of the reasons above even though you know that:

  • You hate recruiting.
  • You hate talking about the same thing over and over again.
  • You hate public speaking.

Then, you will definitely fail!

If you want to succeed with an MLM business, make sure that you are ready to work hard and even harder in both direct selling especially with recruiting. Plus, you need to be ready with all the communications and administrative tasks in building your organization in order to earn at least a full-time income.


Let’s say you want to earn a full-time income ($5,000 per month before taxes) with Lyconet. Let’s take a look at their Income Disclaimer. 

From their disclaimer, your chance of earning a decent $5000 per month (before taxes) consistently, is actually at <1% of all the marketers.

That means, if the Lyconet has 8,000,000 marketers, then there are less than 80,000 people around the world earning a consistent $5,000/month.

So, you need a lot of people under you who will purchase a substantial amount every single month in order to earn money with this company.

This why people inside the MLM business tend to focus on RECRUITING because that’s where the money at. And recruiting is not an easy task when you talk about network marketing business as people tend to think it’s a pyramid or scam. 

 Are recruiting and direct selling not your cup of teas? 

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Only 1% Make Money With MLM Business 

So, why are there only a few people who make real money with MLM?

Because it’s designed that way!

Only people on the top get rewarded (1%) and the people at the bottom lose money (up to 99%) with an MLM business. Lyconet/Lyoness is not exempted.

Unfortunately, this is how MLM business works.

The further down you are in the team, the more difficult for you to earn money.

An MLM business becomes only legit when the company can give a legal argument that members can earn commissions by doing direct product selling without recruiting. But “how much” a member can earn is not the issue of the legitimacy of an MLM business. 

Here’s another statistic to digest: Of the people that do make money, the average YEARLY salary is only $2400. That’s only $200 a month or around $17 a day!

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Lyconet Reviews: Pros And Cons


  • Lifetime membership fee unlike other MLM businesses
  • Long years of tracked success
  • International company


  • Very controversial company
  • Saturated market
  • MLM has a very low success rate
  • MLMs are commonly mistaken as pyramid schemes and scams
  • Focus on recruitment to earn money

 Are recruiting and direct selling not your cup of teas? 

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Here’s A Better Way To Make Money

I honestly hope that by now I’ve talked you out of getting into the Lyconet.

Lyconet is indeed a good company with a good cashback and discount offer.

Unfortunately, MLM is a broken money-making system and extremely hard to succeed with and I will never try to waste my time and energy again with any MLM Business, yes – not even Lyconet.

Talking about my experience with at least 3 different MLM businesses over the many years of hard work, I know it’s not an easy business model, especially if you don’t like product demonstration tasks, direct selling, business presentation and bothering your families and friends over and over again.

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"Now he who plants and he who waters are one, but each will receive his own reward according to his own labor."
~1 Corinthians 3:8

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