Oriflame is one of the leading cosmetics company that offers a business opportunity as a beauty consultant.

If you are interested in Oriflame Business Opportunity and still have a lot of questions before joining, then you’re at the right place as I want to answer some of the important questions you probably have right now. 

As you know, Oriflame is a multi-level marketing (MLM) business opportunity. I have worked with 3 different MLM businesses over the years and I hope you can learn from my experience and make a better choice.

I’m sure even before you finished reading this review, you definitely know whether or not you should become a beauty consultant with Oriflame. 


Is this business right for you?

How To Earn Full-Time Income With Oriflame? 

Is Oriflame A Scam? Is Oriflame an MLM Business?

Is Oriflame A Pyramid Scheme?

What is the compensation plan and the success rate?

And a lot more. 

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Oriflame Reviews: Summary 

Company Name: Oriflame

Joining Price: £39 (Plus £ 10 per year) 

Rating: 50/100

Recommended: No 

Summary: Oriflame is a multilevel marketing (MLM) business and definitely a good company with great products. But, you should NOT join if you really want a profitable home-based business.

Here’s why.

Multilevel Marketing (MLM) businesses have a very low success rate of only 1%. This basically means that 99% of all who join an MLM business lose money. And yes, Oriflame is not exempted.

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What Is Oriflame?

Oriflame is a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) business that sells cosmetics and other beauty-related products.

It is founded back in 1967 by