Does it seem to be difficult to get massive traffic to your website?

Are you looking for a proven way to skyrocket your traffic automatically?

Traffic and leads are the lifestreams of any online business. Some people spend a lot of money in online marketing to generate sales. While others depend on their SEO strategies and free organic traffic.

Traffic Multiplier promises free software to generate tons of traffic and leads so you can earn  $227 per day. Sounds too good to be true. But let’s look at it closer.

Welcome to my “Traffic Multiplier Review”.

Is Traffic Multiplier something you must have as an internet marketer or an online entrepreneur? Is this really worth your money? Is this really free? Find out right here.

Traffic Multiplier Review: Online Business Must Have?!


  • Traffic Multiplier Overview
  • What is Traffic Multiplier
  • What Can Traffic Multiplier Do For You?
  • How Does It Work?
  • Price & Evaluation
  • What I Do Like About Traffic Multiplier
  • Major Things I Don’t Like About Traffic Multiplier
  • Verdict & Final Thoughts…
  • Better Options

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Traffic Multiplier Overview: 

Product Name:  Traffic Multiplier

Website: (Check It Out Here)

Founder: Glynn Kosky

Product Type:  Traffic Generating Software

Price: $22.95/$17.95 discounted price + Multiple Upsells

Best For:  Any Website Owners + Internet Marketer

Rating: 80/100

Recommended:  Yes

What is Traffic Multiplier

Traffic Multiple is authored and founded by Glynn Kosky, which one of the most talented digital marketers and professional software creators on the internet nowadays.

Traffic Multiplier is an all-in-one traffic tool system. This is a brand new, power traffic generation software and training package. It contains detailed video training on how to generate massive traffic and leads in order to earn ongoing profits.

The main feature of Traffic Multiplier is that it enables you to create two lists in one and the generate leas on two lists as well.

This system will also give you both email clients and can also let you press a notification, so you can connect with your audience in many beneficial ways.

Traffic Multiplier can assist you to create potential customers, track these potential customers and sell on complete autopilot. 

What Can Traffic Multiplier Do For You?

  • 3-In-1 Traffic ‘Triple Threat’ turns ANY campaign into multiple profits
  • Hassle-Free Affiliate System WITHOUT ANY paid tools or services
  • Build TWO highly profitable lists IN ONE with free traffic
  • SCALE your income to lifestyle income – once you’re ALREADY in profit
  • Get paid UPFRONT for 100% risk-free profits
  • A unique traffic coefficient approach
  • Produce TWO lists in one
  • Monetize new potential customers as soon as they sign up
  • Track visitors who have not opted in for the first time
  • Can generate more subscribers to your list at the most feasible price.
  • Unlimited expansion
  • 100% auto-pilot to regularly generate new leads and payments.

What else?

  • 100% FREE Page Builder
  • THREE separate push notification software
  • A powerful email autoresponder free for the 1st 30 days


  • Private VIP FB Support
  • Quick Start Checklist
  • Live ‘Master’ Training

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How Does It Work?

  1. Build an initial page that offers a free giveaway – with a push notification showing prospects how to get it.
  2. You build a push notification list from fresh traffic.
  3. Once visitors proceed, they’re shown how to download their ‘gift’.
  4. This points them to a page where they enter valid email info so you can send their free gift.
  5. MEANING: You’ve Now Collected BOTH Push Notification AND Email Info For EVERY Subscriber – DOUBLING Your Chance To Profit From EVERY single Lead!

Price & Evaluation

Traffic Multiplier offers a 100% FREE tools and unbreakable System in a form of page builder, push notification software and autoresponder. These normally cost a lot of money monthly.

However, the system itself will cost you $22.95 ($17.95 if you try to leave the page “price”). And the price will soon increase.

These are the normal prices and upsells: 

Traffic Multiplier (Front-end) $27-$47 (now at a special discount for only $22.95).

Upsell 1 – Traffic Multiplier Gold (Done-For-You Campaigns Package): $27-$67

This upsell offers high-converting funnels for you to generate more leads and make more sales.

Upsell 2 – Traffic Multiplier Platinum (Lead Magnet Library): $27-$67

This upsell offers a done-for-you database of proven products as well as lead magnets that you can give away in your funnels to help increase your leads and profits.

Upsell 3 – Traffic Multiplier Titanium (FB Pixel Tools and Training): $27-$67

This upsells offers multiple training on how you can make more profit using Facebook adverts, pixel, retargeting etc.

Upsell 4 – Traffic Multiplier License Rights – $197/$297
This license to entitle you to resell Traffic Multiplier software and retain 70% of the profit.

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What I Do Like About Traffic Multiplier

  • Free Softwares
  • Free autoresponders
  • Good training
  • User-friendly platform
  • 30 days money back guarantee

Major Things I Don’t Like About Traffic Multiplier

There are many things that I don’t agree with in this program.

Unfortunately, there are too many hypes on the sales page:

1. The scarcity counter – The price did not really go up when it reached 0. This is just a marketing bait to urge you to quick action.

2. The hype of $227 per day pure profit – Any software cannot promise an income in any number. This is very misleading.

3. Noticed that it also states that you can generate traffic, leads, and sales in just 60 seconds using auto-pilot.

4. Free software but it has front-end and multiple upsells.

5. This program claims that you don’t need a website – of course, you do.

6. Not really a newbie friendly – this program is honestly recommended for experienced marketers.

7. This program claims that you don’t need a website, which I strongly disagree with.

8. The upsells are not covered with 30-days guarantee according to other users.

Verdict & Final Thoughts…

So, is Traffic Multiplier a Scam? No.

There are many scam signs with this program. Too many hypes and unrealistic claims.

However, looking closer to their platform, it will honestly give you some good but limited training on how you can generate massive traffic to earn money.

Although the training is good, I still can’t agree that you can earn $227 a day on an automated profit system such as this one.

And although the training is useful (with multiple upsells), I would say that earning huge money online is not as easy as this program advertises, especially if you don’t have any experience in internet marketing. You can honestly make money online with the right training and mindset.

Is this program recommended? Yes, only for experienced internet marketers because it requires higher internet marketing background to make this system work.

Better Options

I love working for my own business from home. Affiliate marketing is a type of business that has made many people a huge fortune while others are just earning around $10,000/month and this is what I’m doing and I love it.

There many reasons why you should use this concept to earn a full-time income from home. And these were my reasons when I started with this business.

  • I can sell any product I want
  • The simplest and easiest concept for online business
  • Sure success as long as you keep going
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • No face-to-face or direct selling
  • No face-to-face rejection
  • No networking
  • No recruitment
  • No inventory
  • No administrative work
  • Very low investment
  • I can work entire just with my laptop and internet.
  • I am my own boss
  • Scam protected
  • I can earn Passive Income online!
    So, if you hate product demonstration or presentation, public speaking and certainly not a fan of recruiting your families and friends just to earn, then this is the best business for you.

You too can have access to the World’s Best Online Entrepreneur Certification Program and ensure your success in online business. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you and guiding you in this awesome community. See you on the inside.

This is the end of my “Traffic Multiplier Review”. I hope it has enlightened you more about this software.

If you have any thought or question, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Good luck with your journey to financial freedom online. God bless!








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