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Transcribe Anywhere Reviews – Scam or Make Money With Legal Transcription? (Updated)

Do you love writing? Then, transcription could be a great way to earn a living online just doing what you love.

Transcribe Anywhere is one of the training courses that teach general and legal transcription as well as how to make money with it.

So, If you are looking for the truth about Transcribe Anywhere then you’re in the right place.

In this reviews, I will reveal to you whether Transcribe Anywhere is a scam or if you really can make money with it.

Let’s see what’s this program all about.

Before I start…

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Transcribe Anywhere Reviews, Summary: 

Transcribe-anywhereProduct Name: Transcribe Anywhere

Website: www.transcribeanywhere.com (Sign Up Here)

Owner/founder: Janet Shaughnessy

Program type: Training Program

Price: Free – $697

Best for Beginner Transcriptionist

Recommended?: Yes

Ratings: 90/100

Verdict: Legit


  • What is Transcribe Anywhere?
  • Why Become a Transcriptionist?
  • The Difference Between General Transcription and Legal Transcription?
  • What Do You Need To Become A Transcriptionist?
  • Courses’ Syllabus
  • Membership And Pricing
  • Conclusion
  • Final Thoughts

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What Is Transcribe Anywhere? 

Transcribe Anywhere is founded by Janet Shaughnessy. She has been working as a transcriptionist for more than 10 years and owns the Zoom Transcription Services.

Transcribe Anywhere Owner Janet Shaughnessy

Transcribe Anywhere offers an online course that will teach you how to make an online or offline career in transcription and will also show you ways on where to get work to get you started earning.

The course is developed by the owner herself where she put all her knowledge about transcribing. This makes this course very comprehensive for you.

These comprehensive courses will enable you to become a professional transcriptionist in a matter of 4-6 months period. However, you can finish each course in less than that time, depending on how much time you invest in it.

There are multiple modules with great training to learn enough just in a matter of 2 months. Then you’re ready to go.

Why Become A Transcriptionist? 

Transcription is not that new in this industry. However, the demands in this industry have taken a huge turn in a direction that a lot of people have put a new spin on this old work-from-home gig.

Just to clarify, a transcriptionist is someone who takes audio and video files and turns them into written documents for record and filing.

One of the most popular transcription jobs you might have heard of is medical transcription. You transcribe audio medical reports from medical professionals into text for medical files. And there are a lot of people who have taken this path earlier and failed because the medical transcription field has died virtually for working-at-home individuals.

This is because most of the companies who needed this job done have outsourced these tasks with medical transcription companies – mostly located in the third world countries – like the Philippines, where nurses are being hired to do this job instead of hiring anyone without a medical background.

While medical transcription has all but ceased to exist, the general and legal transcriptions have grown exponentially in both viability and opportunity.

Transcription Anywhere is a great place to learn everything you need to succeed with general and legal transcriptions. Guess what? the demand is in this industry is a great opportunity for work-at-home individuals.

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The Difference Between General Transcription and Legal Transcription? 

Here’s how Transcribe Anywhere defines the difference between the two:

General transcription [GT] is the practice of transcribing from audio and video files for all different kinds of industries, such as academic, marketing, interviews, films, among others.

General transcriptionists are trained to transcribe pretty much everything else such transcribing blog interviews, multi-media course tutorials, and even some car accident reports. Can be very exciting.

Legal transcription [LT] requires all of the skills necessary as a general transcriptionist with the extended knowledge of legal terminology and documentation.”

As a legal transcriptionist, you must be able to transcribe a LOT of court trials, depositions, examinations under oath, pleadings, hearings… literally anything but recorded legal proceeding and correspondence.

What Do You Need To Become A Transcriptionist? 

The honest answer is Not a lot! There are just four main things you need to become a successful transcriptionist and earn money online and offline with this career.

Good training: There is no substitute for really good training. Your professionalism depends on your training and experience. Without proper training, there is no way for you to succeed.

A computer. obviously, a computer will be your best friend to be able to transcribe. You can use a desktop or a laptop computer. Most people prefer to have both because desktops are great for the home office and a laptop is great to bring work anywhere.

Transcription software. There is actually a lot of transcription software in the market but the most preferred software is Express Scribe. This software is also recommended and used at Transcribe Anywhere. You can buy this software for between $25-$35. But if you want to whole transcriptionist package including the pedal – then you will be looking at a small investment of around $100-$120 bucks. Not bad, considering that you will be using it day in and out and it for making money at home. Take a look at my research on where you can buy it best – Amazon!

Good headphones. A headset is a must. Listening to audio files using headset can ensure you the best quality of voices on the other side. So, make sure you have good quality headphones. You can get a really good noise-canceling headphone for under $20. You can see more of my product picks at the bottom of this article.

An audio foot pedal (optional). An audio pedal is something you may consider. This will enable you to save a lot of time, increase speed and of course, it can increase your potential earning. How does this work? With an audio food pedal, you can completely control your audio with your foot. You can rewind, fast forward, play, and stop without ever having to take your hands off the keyboard.

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General Transcription: Theory & Practice

Legal Transcription: Theory & Practice

Both courses have a FREE MINI-COURSE that you can start with. Yes, it’s free. You can sign up here and see whether transcription is really what you’re looking for as your online/offline career or not.

It’s always a great option to have so you can try out if you like doing this type of work before you even pay anything.

General Transcription 

As mentioned earlier, general transcription is by the term itself “general” – This is for any type of transcriptions besides legal transcription.

General Transcription Syllabus:

  • Transcription equipment and where to get the best deal
  • Software and hardware — links + FREE downloads
  • Text expanders and shortcut keys
  • Transcription style guide
  • Time coding instruction
  • Establishing and calculating rates
  • Easy-to-use transcription templates
  • A step-by-step guide to finding work
  • Sample client contracts
  • TONS OF PRACTICE! Seven practice levels containing 60+ audio/video files with answer keys
  • Lifetime access to course material and ALL future updates
  • Lifetime access to our student support community on Facebook

Legal Transcription Syllabus:

Legal Transcription: Theory and Practice™ is a comprehensive training course that implements multimedia content with online learning tools to effectively prepare students to master the art of transcribing legal proceedings from audio or video into text documents for clients in the legal field.

The course is divided into 14 modules, with each module building upon the skills learned and mastered in the preceding module. There are more than 25 audio/video practice dictation files in the course.

Media Used Within the Course:

  • Quizzes
  • Video Presentations (with Audio)
  • Screencast Tutorial Demonstrations
  • Practice Dictations with Answer Keys (25+ practice files in 9 levels)
  • Online and Email Support Forum