Interested In Tupperware Business Opportunity? But still confused whether you should join this business venture or not? Then, you’re at the right place. 

As long as my memory allows Tupperware products are some of my mother’s and my grandmother’s collections. And when you say Tupperware, it’s the plastic wares with high-quality the people trust. 

But is this a good business for you? 

Can you earn a full-time income so you can quit your 9-5 job and work at the paced of your own time and schedule – anytime, anywhere? And how? 

I’m sure even before you finishing reading this Tupperware Reviews, you’ll know if you should join or not.

So, let’s get started… 

Tupperware Reviews: How To Earn A Full-Time Income?

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Tupperware Reviews: Summary 

Company Name: Tupperware

Joining Price: $70-$125 (Can change)

Rating: 50/100

Recommended: No 

Summary: Tupperware is a multilevel marketing (MLM) business and definitely a well-established company with great products. But, you should NOT join if you really want a profitable home-based business.

Here’s why.

Multilevel Marketing (MLM) businesses have a very low success rate of only 1%. This basically means that 99% of all who join an MLM business lose money. And yes, Tupperware is not exempted.

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What Is Tupperware?

Tupperware is a well-established company with trusted products used by a very large number of people around the globe.

Tupperware also offers people the chance to become a consultant and progress through the ranks of the company. 

It is was founded back in 1942 by Earl Tupper and the product lines include preparation, storage, and serving products for the kitchen and home. 

Over the years, Tupperware has been delivering good annual results. In 2018, Tupperware generated a revenue of $2070 Million. Although the result is $186 Million lower than the previous year, the result is still great on my honest opinion. 

Tupperware Reviews: Product Lines 

Tupperware’s product ranges are often marketed in different names under different markets, and the product ranges and colors differ between markets.

Tupperware’s lines include:

  • Eleganzia (UK, DE), Illusions (AU): a “glasslike” range of serving dishes.
  • Wonderlier (US, Canada, UK), Bowl Maravilloso (URU): round storage bowl sets in bright colors
  • FlatOut! (US), MiniMax (UK), Go Flex (AU), Compactware (URU): bowls that flatten for storage and can be expanded when needed
  • FridgeSmart (US, UK, AU), PrimaKlima (DE), Marine (URU): with air control vents, FridgeSmart containers are modular containers intended for refrigerated fruits and vegetables. FridgeSmarts have air control vents intended to allow different levels of airflow around different types of fruits and vegetables, as well as a corrugated bottom,  to allow them to store securely on a refrigerator shelf.
  • Stuffables (US, AU), Bungee: refrigerator storage with flexible lids for overfilling.
  • UltraPro (US, DE, AU, UK), UltraPlus: plastic ovenware advertised as being safe when used in a microwave or a conventional oven, with heat-resistant properties.

How To Become A Consultant?

To become a Consultant of Tupperware you need to buy the Business kit.

You can choose between the Holiday Hustle Kit for $70 and the Business Kit for $125.

Payment options:

Pay in full, or start with just a $55 down payment. Pay the remaining $70 in 60 days with the 2 Easy Payment Plan, only available when you register through a Consultant.

If you self-register at their website (, your credit card will be charged the full amount of $125.

The prices shown do not include applicable taxes.
Tupperware starter kits changes per campaign season. The images below are the Holiday Hustle Kit and The Business Kit for Fall 2019. 

How To Earn A Full-Time Income With Tupperware?

Just like any other MLMs, generating a full-time income with Tupperware is quite complex and far to be easy. It’s nearly impossible BUT still, it is possible.

In order to earn commissions, you need to generate sales, which you can do through what do they call the Tupperware Parties (Hosted or Online Parties).

There are also some sales teams and individual consultant/manager/director who hold fundraising.

But, how much can you really earn with the Tupperware business?

Let’s try to look at the video below about the compensation plan. 

Overwhelming? I think so.

The above image shows the compensation plan for Tupperware. It’s indeed overwhelming and the company seems to be very generous.

However, looking closer to the compensation plan is the tight and strict “sales quota” policy in order to maintain the title and earn commissions.

Let’s take a look a little closer.

In order to maintain your title as a Consultant, you need to have a personal sales of $250 in 4 months. How much is your earning during this 4 months for direct sales at the commission rate of 25%? That’s only $62.50 per month considering you met the sales quota in 4 months.

If you want to climb up the position ladder, i.e. Manager, you need to RECRUIT new consultants and take note – you need 3 ACTIVE members. Not only that you need to sell $500 a month and a Unit Sales of $2,500 (Combined sales of your and your recruits).

How much is your earnings a month as a Manager if you met this Quota?

$500 x 25% = $125  plus $2,500 X 2% = $50  Total: $175 per month.

Okay let’s take the director position: 

$500 X 25% = $125 per month Plus One-time Bonus of $1000+$1500

Total 1st month= $2,625 ; Second Month = $125 

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    Why is it hard to earn a full-time income with an MLM business?

    So, let say your desired full-time income is equivalent to a decent $5,000 a month. If you are a consultant that earns 25% of your personal sales, then you need to sell $20,000 worth of products every single month.

    The main challenge in selling the MLM products is that they are relatively expensive on the retail market compared to the products outside MLMs. The people who buy these MLM products are mostly those who patronage the products very much. And you bet they’re not that many. To sell $20,000 a month is nearly impossible.

    Another thing is, they’re a lot of consultants of the same MLM company everywhere. Yes, even in your own town. So, the competition is high because the other consultants are not on your team (your crossline) when you just got started.

    What’s even harder with the Tupperware business is the sales quota that you need to generate in order to maintain your title and earn a commission.

    Plus, you need to RECRUIT new members/consultants who will face the same problems and then quit after a couple of weeks or months max.

    What will happen to your business then? D.E.A.D.

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    Personal Experience With MLM Businesses

    I was hard-headed. Even though my father said to stay away from MLM businesses, I didn’t obey him. I thought I could probably that I could do it anyway. If you’ve read my bio, you’d probably remember that I tried at least 3 MLM businesses for many years. 

    Probably I thought it was that as easy as they presented it to me or maybe because I thought it’s a quick fix business or probably because I couldn’t say “no” to the person who invited me to join the business. 

    I thought – all I had to do was to recruit 2 people – one on my right and one on my left side – and the business would take care of itself. I thought it was that passive! And that’s far from the reality.

    My last journey with an MLM business was actually a “nicest one” – great products and a good company. But no matter how great the products were and how active I was – I didn’t make a fortune.

    I was recruited by my brother and a lot of my family members became members too. I recruited my friends too – some of them joined and some of them became aloof.

    But you know what’s the BIG problem was?!

    As the team became bigger, the communication became more difficult. The further the downlines were, the more difficult it was to stay connected.  Which means, the recruits of my recruits’ recruits were no longer connected to me. So, once they stopped working, the business died.

    Why? it’s because it was actually easier (although very difficult) to convince people to join an MLM business than to convince them to stand up and talk about the business. 

    Most of the people who join MLM do actually expect their uplines to do all the sales work. Little they realize that this mindset is actually the one killing the team – the idle members.

    MLMs are not a quick rich scheme – it’s a real business that requires an enormous effort of selling tasks and team building, just to name the few.

    BUT honestly, you’d be better off if you build your OWN business. 

    Only 1% Make Money With MLM Business 

    So, why are there only a few people who make real money with MLM? Because it’s designed that way – Only people on the top get rewarded and the people at the bottom lose money.

    Here’s another static to digest on: Of the people that do make money, the average YEARLY salary is only $2400. That’s only $200 a month or around $17 a day. 

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    Pros And Cons Of Tupperware


    • A long history of existence
    • Low Investment
    • A wide selection of products
    • High-quality products
    • Open in many countries worldwide


    • Sales Quota
    • Saturated market
    • MLM has a very low success rate
    • MLMs are commonly mistaken as pyramid schemes and scams
    • Needs a lot of time and effort in selling and team building
    • Focus on recruitment to maintain the position title.

    Here’s A Better Way To Make Money

    I honestly hope that by now I’ve talked you out of doing the Tupperware Business. Tupperware and its products are good. Unfortunately, MLM is such a broken money-making system and extremely hard to succeed with.

    Talking about my experience with at least 3 different MLM businesses over the years, I know it’s not an easy business model, especially if you don’t like product demonstration tasks, direct selling, business presentation and bothering your families and friends over and over again.

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    ~1 Corinthians 3:8

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