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Coway Reviews: Overview

  • Company Name: Woongjin Coway (COWAY Co., Ltd.)
  • Founder:  Woogjin Coway
  • Year Started: 1989
  • Business Type: Direct Selling
  • Rating: 75/100
  • Recommended: Yes

What Is Coway?

Coway is one of the leading direct selling/multi-level marketing companies in Water and Air Purifiers. It is originated from Korea back in 1989.

Overseas Branches: Thailand, Malaysia, USA, China, Indonesia, and Netherland. The company is expected to branch out to different countries worldwide.

Company background/history:

In 1989, the Woongjin Coway (Coway Co., Ltd.) was established and started with the Door-to-Door (direct-selling) marketing model where hey sold Water Purifiers. By the end of 1997, they managed to earn the WQA Gold Seal Trademark, establish a Research and Development (R&D) Center, complete building Yugu plant (big production building) and obtain a lot of certification and recognition locally such as Guinness’ Certificate, ISO, etc. 

In 1998, Coway started its rental business and the success has become even more unstoppable. By the end of 2004, its sales have exponentially grown, establish the first overseas business branch in Thailand and joined the 1 Trillion Won Club of Sales. 

From 2005 – 2010, Coway Strengthened the Core of its Business Competency: Established R&D Center in Seoul National University Launched and Design Institute Declared 20th
Anniversary of Service Innovation.

2010-2015 – Expansion of Growth: Coway Began Cosmetics Business, Started Homecare Business, and Expanded Business Overseas.

2015 – present – Taking off as LifeCare Company: Coway Developed IoCare Solutions and Declared Vision of The LifeCare Company.

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Coway’s Latest Annual Revenues: 

Revenue 2015: $2,050 million

Revenue 2016: $2,050 million

Revenue 2017: $2,050 million

Revenue 2018: $2,100 million

Coway’s TV Commercial

Coway Reviews: Product Lines

Water Care:

Coway offers a wide selection Of Water Purifiers. 


  • Counter-top
  • Free-Stand 
  • Undersink 


Air Care:

Air Purifiers

Type recommendation accdg the home size: 


  • Air purification
  • Humidification
  • Dehumidification

Body Care:

Gadgets for bathroom


  • Bidet
  • Water Softener
  • Clean washer

Coway Reviews: Services


Customers can rent equipment with Coway, any choice of air purifier, water purifier and water bidet/softener.

The rental fee depends on who much you are willing to pay in downpayment and the product’s price. There will be a penalty for late-payments and discontinued contracts.

Who can rent Coway’s equipment? 

  • Private person
  •  Business Entities

The requirements depend on whether you are applying for private rental or a business leasing. Read more here.

HEART Service

Coway’s HEART Service is the highest quality maintenance service provided by Coway Ladies (also known as Cody)
Cody will visit you on the scheduled date and will perform the maintenance service to your home.

Required Heart Service Contract Duration:

Product Line L.A. Other Regions
Water Purifier 4 months 6 months
Bidet 12 months 12 months
Air Purifier 4 months 6 months
Water Softener 4 months 6 months

Coway Reviews: Who Is Cody?

Who Is Cody?

  • Cody is a lady specialist directly employed by Coway to perform maintenance tasks for the customers.
  • Cody is the abbreviation for Coway Lady.
  • Cody is a life-care consultant in Coway who takes care of customers’ healthy, happy lives with responsibility and passion.

How to become a Cody? 

  1. Send your application online
  2. You’ll be contacted for the interview
  3. During the interview, they will explain to you everything you need to know about the job and the training
  4. You will undergo training as a Care Life Specialist (Cody)

Below is a very nice demonstration of what it takes to become a Cody – an online commercial.

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Coway Reviews: CS Dr And Health Planner

One thing I noticed about Coway marketing strategies is the effective sense of humor on how they call their front line employees which people can easily remember. 

As Coway launched its vision as LifeCare Company – the front liners are called a bit in life with health. Aside from Cody, they also have the CS Dr and the Health Planner (HP). 

Who are these CS Drs and HPs? 

Coway CS Dr s

  • CS Dr is the abbreviation Customer Satisfaction Doctor
  • They are the product service specialists who represent Coway
  • Provides product installation, transfer, and disassembly services
  • Maximizes customer satisfaction by implementing good faith

Coway HP

  • HP stands for Health Planner who represent Coway
  • They are the sales representatives delivering information about health and wellness

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Coway Reviews: Compensation Plan

Just like any other MLM company, the Coway compensation plan can be quite complicated as it offers different kinds of commission according to your personal sales and the sales of the people you sponsor in the company.

Yes, you need to RECRUIT people in order to build your marketing team and climb up to the position ladder.

The position ladder: 

  • Level 1 – Health Planner (HP)
  • Level 2 – Health Manager (HM)
  • Level 3 – Sales Manager
  • Level 4 – General Manager


Basic Commission 15% – This is a flat rate for all your personal sales.

Bonus Commission 5-11% – depending on the Product Value (PV). For example, you get 5% for products below 5,000 in PV and up to 11% for a product with over 35,000 in PV.

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Rental Scheme: 

You will also get a rental commission for all your personal sales with the same commission rates for Basic and Bonus Commissions. 

Performance Incentives and Awards

Coway offers different travel incentives and monetary awards when you meet certain sales quotas required in a given period of time.

  •  Travel incentives every 6 months
  • Sales Quota Awards every month

 Organization Building

As you climb up to the position ladder and your marketing organization becomes bigger and bigger, you will also earn a commission from the people under you.

Take a look at the illustration below or see more about Coway Marketing And Compensation Plan here.

Coway Reviews: Pros & Cons


  • Started in 1989
  • A long track of profitable years
  • Specialized and high-quality products
  • Attractive Rental Commission


  • You need to input and track all your sales in their web system
  • Uses a multilevel marketing structure
  • MLM has a very low success rate only 1%.

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Is Coway A Scam Or A Pyramid Scheme?

This is one of the biggest questions that people have when they hear about Coway and it’s marketing practice. 

So, the good news – Coway is a legit direct-selling and multi-level marketing business with a solid track of success since 1989.

The bad news is – there are still a lot of people who get confused about their business practice as people think that all MLM businesses are scams and pyramid schemes.

Take a look at this illustration: Unfortunately, this is exactly how Coway Model Looks like.


Therefore, the people who join Coway for business purposes or any other MLM business are ending up in focusing on RECRUITMENT because that’s where the money is (which is the main element of a pyramid scheme).

There are, of course, some exceptional people who are lucky enough to be one of the pioneers in any multi-level marketing business. Unfortunately, the new members have to chew on the fact that there are only 1% who earn money and 99% lose money in MLM business.

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Coway Reviews: Conclusion

So, what is Coway?

It an MLM company with a good track of revenue records selling primarily different types of air purifiers and water purifiers.

Is Coway A Scam? Absolutely NOT. 

Is Coway A Dream? 

Yes and no.

Yes. If you really love direct selling and multi-level marketing, then this is perfect. Let’s admit that there are just people who are lucky born to be sellers- they love talking to different types of people, networking, product demonstration and they don’t even mind bothering their family members and friends about the business.

However, if you are like me who is exactly the opposite. Don’t like sales talking, bothering families and friends, hates product demonstrations, public speaking, then you need to think twice.

No. Coway is indeed a legit MLM company. However, MLM companies are commonly mistaken as pyramid schemes and scams, which makes people scared to talk about the business because of the fear of rejection and to be called a scammer.

I have tried 3 MLM businesses in many years, so I know that the MLM business model is not that as easy as they present it. Because the truth is MLM business is a broken business strategy for ordinary people like you and me, who just want a peaceful and quiet work environment (at least in my free-time for my online business – wink).

I honestly hope that I have talked you out of becoming Coway’s Health Planner (Salespeople).

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    "Now he who plants and he who waters are one, but each will receive his own reward according to his own labor."
    ~1 Corinthians 3:8

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