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Coway Reviews: Overview

  • Company Name: Woongjin Coway (COWAY Co., Ltd.)
  • Founder:  Woogjin Coway
  • Year Started: 1989
  • Business Type: Direct Selling
  • Rating: 75/100
  • Recommended: Yes

What Is Coway?

Coway is one of the leading direct selling/multi-level marketing companies in Water and Air Purifiers. It is originated from Korea back in 1989.

Overseas Branches: Thailand, Malaysia, USA, China, Indonesia, and Netherland. The company is expected to branch out to different countries worldwide.

Company background/history:

In 1989, the Woongjin Coway (Coway Co., Ltd.) was established and started with the Door-to-Door (direct-selling) marketing model where hey sold Water Purifiers. By the end of 1997, they managed to earn the WQA Gold Seal Trademark, establish a Research and Development (R&D) Center, complete building Yugu plant (big production building) and obtain a lot of certification and recognition locally such as Guinness’ Certificate, ISO, etc. 

In 1998, Coway started its rental business and the success has become even more unstoppable. By the end of 2004, its sales have exponentially grown, establish the first overseas business branch in Thailand and joined the 1 Trillion Won Club of Sales. 

From 2005 – 2010, Coway Strengthened the Core of its Business Competency: Established R&D Center in Seoul National University Launched and Design Institute Declared 20th
Anniversary of Service Innovation.

2010-2015 – Expansion of Growth: Coway Began Cosmetics Business, Started Homecare Business, and Expanded Business Overseas.

2015 – present – Taking off as LifeCare Company: Coway Developed IoCare Solutions and Declared Vision of The LifeCare Company.

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Coway’s Latest Annual Revenues: 

Revenue 2015: $2,050 million

Revenue 2016: $2,050 million

Revenue 2017: $2,050 million

Revenue 2018: $2,100 million

Coway’s TV Commercial

Coway Reviews: Product Lines

Water Care:

Coway offers a wide selection Of Water Purifiers. 


  • Counter-top
  • Free-Stand 
  • Undersink 


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