Do you want to know if Juice Plus+ is a good partner for your health or/and for building your wealth? Then, this post is definitely for you.

Welcome to today’s business review: “What Is Juice Plus+ About – Health Or Wealth? (Honest Review)”

One of my favorite quotes as an RN is – Health is the real wealth. So, can Juice Plus+ provide both financial wealth and a healthy lifestyle?

Le’s find out…

What Is Juice Plus About – Health Or Wealth? (Honest Review)

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Juice Plus+ Reviews: Overview

  • Company Name:  Juice Plus+ Company
  • Founder:  Jay Martin
  • Year Start: 1993
  • Business Type: Direct Selling
  • Rating: 75/100
  • Recommended: No

What Is Juice Plus+ About?

Juice Plus+ is a health and wellness company operating in more than 20 countries. Their corporate mission is simple Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World.

Branches: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States. 

Juice Plus+ Latest Annual Revenues: 

Revenue 2015: $550 million

Revenue 2016: $595 million

Revenue 2017: $730 million

Revenue 2018: $680 million

Revenue 2019: $660 million

Estimated Commission Payout in 2019: 35% 

The Juice Plus+ Story

Juice Plus+ Reviews: Product Lines

Juice Plus+ products are made from the juice powder concentrates and oils from more than 40 different fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Juice Plus+® Orchard & Garden Blend Capsules

Whole food based nutrition with nutrients from 20 different fruits, vegetables, and grains in a capsule for easy consumption.

Juice Plus+® Orchard, Garden & Vineyard Blend Capsules

Whole food based nutrition from 30 fruits, vegetables, grains, and berries, including powerful antioxidants from a wide variety of berries.

Juice Plus+® Orchard & Garden Blend Chewables

Packed with the nutrition of 20 fruits, vegetables, and grains delivered in a tasty chewable form.

Juice Plus+® Vineyard Blend Capsules

Added nutrition from Concord grapes and a wide variety of berries, which provide some of the most powerful and healthful antioxidants, in a convenient capsule form.

Juice Plus+® Vineyard Blend Chewables

Similar to Juice Plus+ Vineyard Blend Capsules, the Vineyard Blend Chewables deliver the same great nutritional value, but in a soft, chewable form.

Juice Plus+® Complete French Vanilla

Provides added nutrition in a delicious vanilla flavor, to be used as a healthful “on-the-go” meal, pre-exercise energy drink, post-workout recovery drink, or a late-night snack.

Juice Plus+® Complete Dutch Chocolate

A delicious chocolate nutritional beverage mix that provides a balanced diet in every scoop. For natural protein boost around workouts or to fuel up after a long day.

Juice Plus+® Complete Tart Cherry + Honey, Spiced Apple + Raisin

Packed with protein and fiber to help you replace empty calories with healthy ones. Low-glycemic, gluten-free, non- dairy and vegetarian – Complete Nutrition Bars deliver a perfect snack for any diet.

Tower Garden®

Tower Garden is a state of the art vertical aeroponic growing system to grow your own fruits and vegetables at home.

Juice Plus+ Business Model

The Juice Plus+ company business is quite unique compared to other businesses with direct selling methods. If you are new to direct-selling or multi-leverage marketing business, Juice Plus+ business model will either overwhelm or confuse you. So, let me simplify it for you.

In order to earn money with Juice Plus+, you need to become a franchise owner of it, which is called the Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise.

The Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise combines the marketing methods of franchise marketing, direct selling, network marketing, and consumer goods marketing. 

Franchising is simply a method of business expansion wherein a franchisor licenses its know-how, procedures, intellectual property, use of its business model, brand, and rights to sell its branded products and services to a franchisee. 

Direct-selling consists of two marketing models: one-level and multi-level marketing which is also known as networking. Direct selling includes home party plans, product demonstrations, and person-to-person sales. This also includes internet sales. 

Network Marketing is also called multi-level marketing, referral marketing, and pyramid selling. You need to introduce or recruit more people in order to earn more money. 

Consumer goods marketing is basically promoting company products to consumers. Here, you need to be very familiar with all the products of Juice Plus+.

 Becomeing A Juice Plus+ Representative

Getting started with The Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise is easy, or maybe not. Take note that you need to become a representative and climb up the ladder positions in order to become a virtual franchisee. 

Here’s the 3-step in Becoming Juice Plus+ Representative: 

  1. TRAINING – Representing Juice Plus+ begins with experiencing the healthful benefits of Juice Plus+ products firsthand and embracing added fruit and vegetable nutrition. You need to buy a product package.
  2. SUBMIT AN APPLICATION – Contact you Juice Plus+ representative (Your sponsor/the one who recruited you) know of your interest in becoming a Juice Plus+ representative. He or she can submit your application along with your $52 application fee.
  3. FOLLOWING THE SYSTEM – Growing your Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise with the help of your Juice Plus+ “sponsor” and their corporate support team. You’ll soon be inspiring healthy living throughout your community. This just simply means you need to do all the marketing models to earn money – networking, direct-selling, etc. 

Watch the video below about the business phases, ladder positions, and compensation plan.

Juice Plus+ Compensation Plan

Once you become a Juice Plus+ representative, you will get a log in to a website name This is where you will see all your business details for example your sponsor, your team, sales, commissions, etc.

 This platform will serve as your virtual office where you can manage every administrative task for your business, such as product orders, invoices, etc. Your sponsor will be going to teach you with this plus the franchise support team will always be ready to assist you.

So, before you join this business make sure you are completely ready for all the learning curves in this platform. 


Juice Plus+ Product Subscriptions

Here are the different product subscriptions that you can choose from. Juice Plus+ ships the products in full and you can make four monthly installments. You will automatically have your next four-month supply delivered.

Fruit, Vegetable, and Berry Blend Capsules $75/month
Fruit and Vegetable Blend Chewables (Adult) $51/month
Berry Blend Chewables $25.50/month
Fruit, Vegetable, and Berry Blend Chewables $76.50/month
Fruit and Vegetable Blend Chewables (Child) $25.50/month
Fruit and Vegetable Blend Chewables (Pocket Packs) $31.25/month
Berry Blend Chewables (Pocket Packs) $17.50/month
Berry Blend Chewables (Child) $12.75/month
Fruit and Vegetable Blend Capsules $50/month
Berry Blend Capsules $25/month
Omega Blend Capsules $30/month



Tower Garden Juice Plus+

What is a Tower Garden?

Tower Garden is a state of the art vertical aeroponic growing system to grow your own fruits and vegetables at home in the air without the use of soil or any aggregated medium. This process was originally used by aeronauts in the outer space.

Honestly, the Tower Garden from Juice Plus+ is one of the latest and fast-growing trends in the market. This system makes it possible for people to grow fresh food and flowers indoors and outdoors without thinking about the messy soil.

They are two types of Tower Garden Growing Systems. The comparison is shown below.

Tower Garden HOME

  • Designed for: Indoor growing
  • Recommended crops: Baby greens, large greens, herbs, some flowers
  • Included components: Reservoir, tower, seedling starter kit, Tower Garden Mineral Blend plant food, pump, timer, pH test kit, pH adjusters, LED grow lights, water monitor
  • Included seed-starting supplies: Germination tray, Rockwool cubes, vermiculite, net pots
  • LED grow lights: Included
  • Water Level Monitor:  Included
  • Baby greens Extension Kit: Two included
  • Wheels: Built-in
  • Reservoir Volume: 13 Gallons
  • Planting Ports:  32 (16 full-size + 16 baby greens)
  • Dimensions: 58″ x 24″ x 24″

Price: $80.83 per month for 12 months

(Image source: juice plus+)


Tower Garden FLEX

  • Designed for: Outdoor growing. Indoor growing with optional LED grow lights
  • Recommended crops: Fruiting crops, large greens, herbs, flowers, baby greens
  • Included components: Reservoir, tower, seedling starter kit, Tower Garden Mineral Blend plant food, pump, timer, pH test kit, pH  adjusters
  • Included seed-starting supplies: Germination tray, Rockwool cubes, vermiculite, net pots
  • LED grow lights: Optional
  • Water Level Monitor: Not compatible
  • Baby greens Extension Kit: Optional
  • Wheels: Optional: Tower Garden Dolly
  • Reservoir Volume: 20 Gallons
  • Planting Ports: 20 (expandable to 28 with the Extension Kit or 52 with the Baby Greens Extension kit)
  • Dimensions: 55″ x 30″ x 30″

Price: $51.67 per month for 12 months

(Image source: juice plus+)


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Does Juice Plus+ Worth For Your Health?

Looking around the Juice Plus+ website, you can see that there are numbers of doctors and medical practitioners who are recommending Juice Plus to their patients. However, if these people are directly connected to the Juice Plus+ business or not – it is not disclosed.

The Juice Plus+ slogan is “It is the next best thing to fruits and vegetables”.  So, clearly that juice plus should not be a replacement for fresh fruits and vegetables. But since people don’t normally consume “enough” fruits and vegetables daily, it could be a good supplement.

However, according to a single dietician’s review, shows that:

  • Juice Plus+ contains too much sugar
  • Juice Plus+ is not a substitute for fresh goods and healthy eating
  • The positive claims about Juice Plus+ could possibly be placebos
  • Unlike other comprehensive multi-vitamins/minerals, Juice Plus+ supplements contain no iron, Omega 3, vitamin D, and folic acid. 

Does Juice Plus+ worth your money for health? You don’t have to say it loud. No. 

As a matter of fact, according to a review of Juice Plus+ from Healthline, it states that “Juice Plus+ may increase the absorption of some nutrients, which could provide many health benefits. However, there is no evidence that Juice Plus+ is more effective than a cheap multivitamin.”

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Juice Plus+ Real Users Feedback

Don’t just take my word for it. Let’s see the reviews of the real product users.

Looking at the reviews, you can see positive and negative feedback.

Unfortunately, I can see more of the negative feedback from Trustpilot. Here are the latest ones at the time of this review.


Juice Plus+ Reviews: Can You Build A Wealth?

Can you build wealth with Juice Plus+? Probably too much to expect to build wealth. Well, the term wealth is, of course, relative and subjective.

If you are interested in Juice Plus+ for the purpose of earning money, then this is the best part. Let’s see if this worth your time and money.

The best way to find out if you can earn money with Juice Plus+ Franchise business is by looking at their own report and disclosure.


(Image source: juice plus+)

Looking at the above income summary, you can see that you need 40 people in your team to earn full-time. Well, that’s not supposed to be difficult. But why there are only 0.3% who earn full-time income (over $50,000 per year)?

The problem is even if you have 40 people in your team, if they are not active and doing the same thing as you do, you will not earn that much.

You can see on the above image, that the highest earners are at the top positions of the National Marketing Director or the NMDs. Just read it again “National”, that means you are supposed to be covering nationwide before you can reach this income level. How many are reaching this level? 0.3%! Not even half percent.

Okay, let’s gauge it up to $2000 per month. Still, there are only 0.6%! Not even 1% are earning enough to cover bills. In fact, 99.94% are earning below the minimum wage. Read more below why it’s difficult to earn a full-time income with Juice Plus+.

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Juice Plus+ Reviews: The Real Sales Challenge

What is really much challenging with an MLM business’ products, like the Juice Plus+, is the direct-selling or the consumer good marketing part.

First, you need to master all their products inside and out. The advantages and disadvantages. All the benefits and etcetera. Why is that important? For example, are these products safe for people with diabetes since they contain too much sugar, or are there particular products you can recommend to each and every target customer – heart patient, cancer patient, kids, infants, rich people, middle-class people or even the poor people? 

Okay, that’s the easiest part.

The real sales challenge is the price vs. the benefits. MLM products are more expensive than ordinary products that you can find in the grocery stores.

Like the supplements. How many people will buy your products on a retail price if they can get the same supplement benefits that are 10 times cheaper?

Not so many.

Those who use these products are most probably members, representatives, franchisees, or somehow connected with the Juice Plus+ commercially.

In fact, according to the Juice Plus+ review from Healthline,  It concludes that “Juice Plus+ may increase the absorption of some nutrients, which could provide many health benefits. However, there is no evidence that Juice Plus+ is more effective than a cheap multivitamin.”

The retail selling process will actually not become prioritized as it is more difficult to generate enough sales in the retail market.

How much can you earn for sales commission?

  • Virtual Franchisee= 0%
  • Direct Virtual Franchisee = 6% (2,000 sales points required)
  • Senior Virtual Franchisee = 14% (6,000 sales points required)
  • Sales Coordinator = 22 % (12,000 sales points required)
  • Senior Sales Coordinator = 22 % (12,000 sales points required)
  • Qualifying National Market Director = 22 % (12,000 sales points required)
  • National Market Director = 22 % (12,000 sales points required)

What’s really interesting with Juice Plus+ business model is that you will not be entitled to commissions unless you reach a certain position and sales quota. A virtual franchisee earns 0% while a direct virtual franchisee will first get qualified for a 6% commission once he/she generated 2,000 points.

How does it actually look like?

Retail Sale Profit

Box of Juice Plus+ Capsules $156
Wholesale Price $135
Retail Sale Profit $21

Points awarded per box is 101.

Now is this an interesting part. You get a retail profit of $21 each if you buy plenty of boxes at the wholesale price of $135.

That means if you need to sell 20 boxes and earn the $21 per box plus get qualified of the 6% commission (2000 points), you can buy them on a wholesale price of $135. So, your out-of-pocket money would be $2,700.

You will earn a total of $21*20 =  $420 plus the 6% commissions.

So, if you need to earn $50,000 per year, then you need over 100x of these cycles within one year or 10x per month. That’s 200 boxes of Juice Plus+ Capsules.

Well, they also have different products but since the supplements are nearly the basic needs in every household, that would be the most probable fast-moving sales to your personal networks.

Just imagining how much talking and product demonstrations or parties that would take, makes me a little bit sick because I’m a very shy person.

This explains why the success rate of Juice Plus+ for virtual franchisees is very low. Only 0.3%!

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Juice Plus+ Reviews: Pros & Cons


  • Started in 1993
  • A long track of profitable years
  • High-quality products
  • Attractive Compensation plan


  • Limited potential income
  • You need to learn the virtual office platform
  • Uses a multilevel marketing structure
  • MLM has a very low success rate only 1%
  • Juice Plus+ has only a success rate of 0.3% from 2018.

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Is Juice Plus+ A Scam Or A Pyramid Scheme?

People are asking about the confusing marketing methods of Juice Plus+. Is it a scam or a pyramid scheme? Is it even legit? 

So, the good news – Juice Plus+ is completely a legit company. The legalities of all MLM businesses can be traced back to the Amway Ruling In 1979.

The bad news is – there are still a lot of people who get confused about their business practice and networking model as people think that all MLM businesses are scams and pyramid schemes.

Take a look at this illustration: Unfortunately, this is exactly how Juice Plus+ Business Model Looks like.


This is why people who are joining Juice Plus+ for business purposes or any other MLM businesses are ending up in focusing on RECRUITMENT because that’s where the money is (which is the main element of a pyramid scheme). 

There are, of course, some exceptional people who are lucky enough to be one of the pioneers in any multi-level marketing business. Unfortunately, the new members have to chew on the fact that there are only 1% who earn money and 99% lose money in MLM business. For Juice Plus+ Business is even much lower at 0.3%.

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Juice Plus+ Reviews: Conclusion

  So, Is Juice Plus+ Worth Your Money For Your Health? 

Juice Plus+ may increase the absorption of some nutrients, but there is no evidence that the Juice Plus+ is more effective than a cheap multivitamin. You can even see a lot of users’ feedback that claiming that it is a scam or reaping them off wherein fact an ordinary slimming powder that can do exactly the same. 

If you want to be healthy, then eating a well-balanced diet, regular exercise and enough sleep will tremendously improve your health. There is no shortcut to achieving a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just a pill or powder that can correct anything. You need to be proactive in doing what it takes to achieve your health goals. 

Can You Build Wealth With Juice Plus+? 

Given the fact that the success rate of Juice Plus+ business for representatives/virtual franchisees is only 0.3%, I would definitely say NO. The people on the top ladder positions are only earning above $100,000 a year. That amount is not enough considering all the active work that it takes every single day.

Yes, there’s nothing impossible if you really badly want to succeed. If you really love direct selling and multi-level marketing, that’s very good. Let’s admit that there are just people who are luckily born to be sellers- they love talking to different types of people, networking, product demonstration and they don’t even mind bothering their family members and friends about the business. And If I am that person, I would rather build my own company because you can succeed with any business you have exceptional talent in sales.

However, if you are like me who is exactly the opposite. Don’t like sales talking, bothering families and friends, hates product demonstrations, public speaking, then you need to think twice.

MLM companies are commonly mistaken as pyramid schemes and scams, which makes people scared to talk about the business because of the fear of rejection and to be called a scammer. That’s why most people who join these businesses quickly stop.

I have tried 3 MLM businesses in many years, so I know that the MLM business model is not that as easy as they present it. Because the truth is MLM business is a broken business strategy for ordinary people like you and me, who just want a peaceful and quiet work environment (at least in my free-time for my online business – wink).

I honestly hope that I have talked you out of becoming Juice Plus+ representative/virtual franchisee (Salespeople).

There is definitely a much better way of earning money from home. Check out below.

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    "Now he who plants and he who waters are one, but each will receive his own reward according to his own labor."
    ~1 Corinthians 3:8

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