If you were approached by a family or a friend to get a life insurance that offers a business opportunity at the same time, that’s probably Primerica.com!

I’m glad you’re doing your research about Primerica.com before anything else. That’s how exactly you can guard yourself and make a better financial decision – be well informed before dive in.

Welcome to today review: “What Is Primerica.com? [A Good Life Insurance Or A Business Scam?]”.

In this review, I’ll provide you every information you need – the company background, products, services, business opportunity, pros and cons, etc.

I’m not associated with Primerica.com so you can assure a honest and unbiased review throughout the post. 

Ready to know the truth about Primerica? Let’s get started then. 


Table of Content

Primerica.com Review: Overview

  • Company Name: Primerica
  • Founder:  Arthur L. Williams Jr. 
  • Year Started: 1977
  • Price: $25/month (as sales representative)
  • Rating: 50/100
  • Recommended: No

What Is Primerica.com?

Primerica.com is the website behind the Primerica, Inc.. Primerica is an american multi-level marketing company that sells insurance and other financial products and services. 

The company is founded back in 1977 by Arthur L. Williams Jr. and its headquarters are located in the State Of Georgia. 

Primerica, Inc. was previously connected with the Citigroup as its parent company. 

Over the years, Primerica has delivered success results. In fact, it was listed by Forbes as one of “Americas 50 Most Trusthworthy Financial Companies” in 2015 but was not included in the 2017 list. 

Primerica’s Latest Annual Revenues: 

Revenue 2015: $1,417 million

Revenue 2016: $1,537 million

Revenue 2017: $1,715 million

Revenue 2018: $1,937 million

Primerica Reviews: Legal Problems

Behind Primerica’s success, it is not that surprising that this company has faced some legal issues previously, probably because of it’s MLM business model. 

2012 – Primerica had multiple lawsuits alleging that the company’s representatives sought to profit by earning commissions after convincing Florida firefighters, teachers and other public workers to divest from safe government-secured retirement investments to inappropriate high-risk retirement products offered by Primerica itself.

2014 –  Paid $15.4 million to settle allegations involving the above issues – a total of 238 cases.

2015 – Primerica was banned by the district’s school board from Longview ISD campuses due to a meeting held in a campus that generated numerous complaints and violated the school district’s employee policy manual.

2017 – Registered investment adviser Mike Lundy, a representative of Primerica and manager of its Rapid City, SD office, was sentenced to 5 years in federal prison after pocketing his clients’ money amounting to $4.2 million.