Why Do Most Blogs Fail – 5 Top Reasons.

Why do most blogs fail – 5 Tops reasons

One of the best way to earn more money is to have your own blog. You can earn money through traffics and eventual sale through the ads on your website. If you possess a good writing ability – you do not have to be professional – then blogging might the one you could be successful with.

However, there are a lot of people, including myself, who tried blogging and failed before. But why do most blogs fail? I had a horrible failure with blogging before I became successful in investing both offline and online.

Back in 2009, I was on my maternity leave. In Denmark, maternity leave is around 1 year. So I just wanted to do something with a dream of becoming a full-time blogger – working from home and spending more time with my family. I had the right reason and dedication but I failed.

So, here are the reasons why most blogs do fail – do not do these so you can avoid the same mistakes I did before if you are planning to become a blogger.

1. A website is just a baseline.

When I started blogging in 2009, I thought if I have a website – then I could earn a lot of money by just directing people to my website. But a website is just a baseline – and to make money from this website is a different bigger story. The layout and designs are important. Back then, my husband helped me out with the technical and yet I failed because all I did was to write and write.

2. I didn’t know how to focus on my niche.

Your niche is very important. Niche is basically the topic or the core of your website. So you need to focus on it. I didn’t know how to focus on my niche at that time. 

What happened then? I ended up writing about anything and everything under the sun – using a lot of time without any direction. And ended up signing up on different affiliate programs – also anything and everything that I thought was so related. Very stressful.


3. I was expecting a very QUICK result.

I thought if I wrote several contents, posts, pages, different categories, it would attract a lot of traffic and earn a lot of money. I used the Google AdSense pay per click – you bet I spent a lot of money and I failed.

4. I had no mentor or a community of people who could guide me.

I did everything on my own and when I had questions, I searched on the internet – Google YouTube or Yahoo. And ended up being more confused.

5. Desperation.

I got frustrated and started to look out for other online opportunities. So I found a lot of websites promising QUICK results and income. Oh yes! I tried automated programs with binary options and forex, blueprint, money machines, webshops, pay per views, pay per clicks, surveys, affiliates blah, blah, blah. And Bang! I lost a lot of money. I was scammed several times.

Well, you can say I learned my lessons in a hard way. The message of my story was that. There is NO QUICK RESULT. There is NO SHORTCUT TO SUCCESS. Work hard. Educate and invest in yourself to be equipped with the knowledge.

If you are curious about what happened to me after that, so I studied BS in Nursing and stuck to the traditional businesses I already have back then – property investing in the Philippines. Since I am a former accountant back in the Philippines, I started to learn more about the stock market and mutual funds herein Denmark and in the Philippines- and started to invest slowly but surely. I started to invest more in properties like apartments for rent and built a resort in the Philippines.

My latest venture today herein Denmark are properties or houses rental and I am now a trainee at Wealthy Affiliate (WA) University. Now I am ready to become a successful blogger – because WA University has everything. I would say, mentorship is great – I do not have just one mentor, but a whole great community of people – who are ready to help and support 24/7 the whole year. The rest is assured through proper determination and perseverance.

If you have any question or comment, feel free to write them below and I will be happy to help you out to the best that I can. Good luck and God bless!





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