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Yantra Manifestation Review: New Abundant Life? (Free Gift Inside)

“Yantra Manifestation Review: New Abundant Life? (Free Gift Inside)”

Everyone has their own challenges in life – socially, physically, mentally, spiritually and financially!

What if someone comes and tells you that today is the right time to end all your problems and start building an abundant life you desire for you and for your family?

If you have heard about Yantra Manifestation and interested in it, then you’re in the right place as I will be covering a lot of the main features of this product for you in this review.

Can this really help you to become financially free? healthy? wealthy?

And if you’re feeling lost and out of the direction in life, can you really find yourself and use the code to “reprogram” your psych?

And can you really create a positive pattern in your life to enjoy the abundance in all aspects of life?

Before I start…

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Yantra Manifestation Overview: 

Product Name: Yantra Manifestation



Founder: Michael Tsering

Product Type:  Life Manifestation Program/ Meditation

Price: $47

Best For: Everyone who is interested in this area

Rating: 95/100

Recommended:  Yes


What is Yantra Manifestation? 

Yantra Manifestation is a program claiming that you can Easily manifest abundant Wealth and Health though the Power of Sacred Geometry.

This product is founded by Michael Tsering. A spiritual seeker ​who specializes in sacred geometry. ​His goal is to help you attain TRUE health, wealth​, love and happiness through the power of Yantra.


Using techniques inside the program you can discover:

  • This Old Paradigm will be the master key to the vault of questions you have in your heart.
  • Your worldview will shift from that of confusion to utmost clarity.
  • You will FINALLY understand the WHYs of your life because you now know that everything NEEDED to happen so that you can be prepared to receive something much bigger
  • And once you grab hold of this divine understanding… All you have to do is induce simple positive patterns to create ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted.

As a result, you will create:

  • Unlimited energy​
  • Mental clarity​
  • Body confidence
  • ​A strong immune system
  • Wonderful relationships with your Family, Friends, and Colleagues
  • You may even turn the sour ones ​around and find yourself not just well-liked but looked up to!

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What’s Inside The Yantra Manifestation Program?


  • The Sri Yantra Manifestation Guide ($97​)
  • The Complete Sacred Geometry Code Audio System ($497) – Includes 5 pattern-induction audio for TOTAL ABUNDANCE.
  • BONUS 1:  The Gateway To Nirvana System ($197) – 5 powerful, 1-hour audio tracks designed to effortlessly increase your vibrations and connect you with your highest self in a matter of minutes!
  • BONUS 2: The Eightfold Blessings ($88) – 8 extra enlightening audio tracks specially-catered to bring you closer to your hidden spiritual powers.
  • LIFETIME Access To Private Facebook Group ($397) – 1-on-1 support with Michael Tsering.


Get Your Free Gift Here – Lotus Rival by Michael Tsering. 



How Does Yantra Manifestation Work?

Once you bought the product, you will get access to the above-mentions products including the bonuses.

This program is designed as an audio listening activity. So, you have to plug it in your ears in your everyday life activities, like brushing your teeth, laundry, cooking… anything except driving and operating machinery.

By listening on the meditation audio files, your brain will experience a transformation of positive thoughts and create positive patterns that will ultimately change your life and your actions.

These series of positive patterns will create abundance in all facets of your life (especially in health and wealth) through the code power of sacred geometry.


  • Yantra Manifestation is a proven method to attract health, wealth and success in life.
  • Leveraging the power of meditation and self-energy to change life to the best form.
  • Precise and golden mathematical designs to the law of attraction and get whatever you desire.
  • Understanding why some people are rich and happy, and others are not.
  • Positive thoughts to increase your mental vibrations to attract the right people and events in your life.



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Pros & Cons


  • Easy Step-by-step instructions
  • The guide is easy to use and cost-effective
  • Suitable to everyone regardless of background
  • Paradigm change that leads to positive thoughts


  • Only available online. So, no access if you are traveling in a remote area with limited internet access.


>>> Learn More About Yantra Manifestation <<<


Verdict &
Final Thoughts

So, is Yantra Manifestation a Scam? No. Absolutely not.

Using the Yantra Manifestation guides and mediation audio files is a traditional and proven method of creating positive thought. Thus, you create a series of positive patterns that can change your life forever.

It is needless to say that in order to be successful, you need to have the correct mindset. So, Yantra Manifestation will definitely help you create the abundant life you desire.


Rating: 95%
Great program for mindset and paradigm change.
easy to use
Value for money
Sales Video
Bonuses + Free Gifts
Customer Support

Before you leave…

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This is the end of today’s product review “Yantra Manifestation Review: New Abundant Life?”. I hope you have learned a little bit more about this opportunity and can make a better decision whether or not this program can help you and your finances. 

Have you tried TheYantra Manifestation or any similar program before? I would like to hear about your experience by writing them below. 

Moreso, if you want me to do a product review of a particular online business, please send me a message and I will be more than happy to help you out. 

Good luck with your journey to financial freedom online. God bless!

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