Is it true that you actually can earn money from Youtube without even filming or having your own videos?

That sounds very intriguing. So, when I saw this program “Youtube secrets”, I also was very eager to find out if this is really true,  how it works or if it’s just one of the many scams sites and poor digital products around the web.

Before I begin I must congratulate you on doing your research before diving into any online opportunity out there.

This is exactly how you can avoid scams. Doing research before buying into it.

In this review, you will be guided INSIDE their platform – yes, inside it so you don’t have to think twice whether this is worthy of your time or money.

So, let’s start…

Welcome to my “Youtube Secrets Reviews: Insider’s View [Mindblowing Passive Income]¨


Youtube Secrets Overview: 

Product Name:  Youtube Secrets (Formerly Utubecash)

Website: (Check It Out Here)

Founder: Mike Williams

Product Type:  Earn Money With Youtube Training

Price: $27 ($1 for 7-Day Trial)

Best For Current And Aspiring Youtubers

Rating: 92/100

Recommended:  Highly Recommended

What is Youtube Secrets?

Youtube Secrets is a digital product from ClickBank.  It is formerly named – Utubecash. Clickbank is a huge and well-known digital marketplace and you can find a lot of bad offers inside it and finding a good one is like finding a needle in a pile stuck of hay.

Youtube Secrets is a training platform created by Mike Williams – the spokesperson on the sales video.

Watching the sales video has caught my attention because the owner claims a realistic income of $10,000 a month from Youtube earnings. Unlike the other program, I reviewed the other day which claims a little bit exaggerated result from earning on video arbitrage from Youtube by using other people’s video.

Now, it’s actually the second time I encountered about this kind of money- making-online program so I got very curious about this product this time and decided to buy it and try it for myself. Plus, I get to show it to my readers on what to expect about this program.

The basic question is: can you really make money on YouTube? Yes, you can earn money with Youtube in two different ways.

One, by uploading your own videos and earn money from display ads. Two, by making videos for affiliate marketing purposes. That’s what we commonly know, right?

But how is it possible to earn money from other peoples video then? What about the infringements and copyright violations? Hmmm.

To my own astonishment, I have to admit that it is really possible to make money from other peoples’ videos after further research.

I’m not a YouTuber, but after looking at the platform, Man! I have to try it. I’ll keep you updated with my results eventually then. I’m really excited!

Let’s see what you’ll get when you buy this program.



Youtube Secrets’ Training & Tools


As soon as you buy this product, even just the $1 trial, you’ll get premium access in 7 days. And this is how their platform looks like.utubecash-platform

Step-By-Step Video Tutorials


You’ll get 31 very helpful lectures with video tutorials. You’ll absolutely learn how to create your own videos. In these tutorials, you will find out where to find all the free music and videos that you can use from Youtube database without worrying about copyright.

You will also learn the major things that you need to watch out for you to be safe on monetizing your video channels. In order words, so you’ll not get banned from Googles AdSense.

Plus, you will learn how to create a “unique” video without violating any copyright and YouTube will approve it for monetization.


Ebooks and Bonuses

You will also get several ebooks and bonuses. These are very helpful. So, make sure you read them all.

These are some of the eBooks on the platform.


Social Media Secrets Tutorials

These tutorials belong to upgrades. You will learn a lot of stuff in order to earn money from your videos and contents. But, it offers some upsell services.

These tutorials are beneficial to anyone working with money making online business.

The training includes lead generations strategies, email marketing, growing your youtube audience and a lot more useful video tutorials and PDF files and much more.

Just take a quick look at the list of lectures below. Images are taken from the platform.


Tools and Resources


You will definitely love this section. It is the golden list of the tools and recommended helpful websites that you’ll be working along with the Youtube. There are exactly 20 helpful tools and resources inside this platform.

You can use them when you want to:

  • chop a funny or interesting section from any YouTube video and share it
  • create remixes of your favorite YouTube videos, merging them together into one continuous ‘mixtape
  • download and save any video to your PC
  • choose and download videos in a wide range of formats, including AVI, 3GP, MP4, and MOV, ensuring compatibility with various PC and mobile devices
  • watch multiple videos at the same time
  • drag and drop interaction for creating playlists and fast flexible searching
  • add captions or a transcript to the video
  • make videos accessible and for SEO
  • put the focus clearly on the video rather than the comments, recommendations, and advertising that clutters up the standard YouTube page
  • research audiences and place real-time bids based on GRPs
  • sync up to two videos and play them side-by-side which is great for creating mashup videos, making comparisons, or just for fun!
  • play a YouTube video repeatedly on an infinite loop
  • set up a customizable widget for your site and control how much of each video people watch before they have to join your list in order to see the rest.

Oh! literally too much mention. Did you see the list on their sales page? They are all there and much more. See them here.

This section is priceless if you are a complete newbie on video creation and editing. You will really love all the tools and resources.


Tips and Tricks

This section is a compilation of the useful tips and tricks that you can use in order to earn money using videos from YouTube.

It contains video lectures and tutorials.

You’ll absolutely need to watch all of these. You will learn tons of useful information.

Here is how it looks like inside the training platform. The video will show up when you click any topic on the list.


The platform itself is very user-friendly – very easy to navigate and it is very organized.


Although the platform has all the information you need to start with the purpose of this program – earn money on YouTube using other people’s video, the support team is quite limited.

If you need to contact them, you’ll to use contact forms for:

  • For general inquiries, lost password and account support
  • For instant membership cancellation
  • For refunds.
  • For JV, Partnership and Affiliate concerns

Pricing & Upsells

Subscription: $27 per month

You can get $1 for a 7-day trial period (