Have you ever been thinking why the number of bloggers has grown so fast in the internet industry today? Are you wondering how these people make a lot of money by “just” blogging or writing anything and everything under the sun?

Yes, blogging has been named as the modern business in our generation today. Read my article about “why have a blog can change your life forever“.

There are many ways of making money online and blogging is the easiest one in my opinion. Yes, it is easy but it requires hard work, determination, and perseverance. So, if you have all these 3 traits and this business is for you.

So, today we will be talking about “Blogging Guru Blueprint Review: Scam? [Must Read]”. Yes, you must read this if you want to know if this program is a scam or if it worth your money.

Let’s get started…

Blogging Guru Blueprint Review: Scam or Legit? [Must Read]

Review Scope: 

  • Blogging Guru Blueprint Review Summary
  • What is Blogging Guru Blueprint?
  • How Does It Work?
  • What Do You Get With Blogging Guru Blueprint?
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Verdict & Final Thoughts…

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Blogging Guru Blueprint Review Summary: 

Product Name:  Blogging Guru Blueprint

Website: Bloggingguru.com (Check it out here)

Founder: Patric Chan

Product Type:  Money Making Program for Blogging

Price: $23.50 one-time

Best For:  Beginner

Rating:  80/100

Recommended:  Yes and No (See why below)

If you’re already tired of wasting money on internet marketing schemes that don’t work, or are too complicated to make them work, or costly, then check out the program that around 1.5 million successful online entrepreneurs use.

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What is Blogging Guru Blueprint?

Blogging Guru Blueprint is another money making program for blogging which is created by Patric Chan. Patric Chan is the best-selling author of WakeUp Millionaire and the co-author of Clicking Cash with New York Times best-selling author, Robert G. Allen. He is also the creator of CB Passive Income program (Read my review here).

Blogging Guru Blueprint claims that it’s easy to make money from a blog. Unlike many similar programs offered on the internet, it doesn’t promise any outrageous claims about how much money you can earn online from it. It also says that all you need is to have a good website, have good traffic, and then turn it into a profit-generating business.

While it is true that a good website with high traffic can generate you profit, there are big things that are between that lines – the work behind it is not that easy if you are a beginner. Therefore, you need a solid program to earn money from blogging.

So, let’s see if Blogging Guru Blueprint will worth your time and money.

How Does It Work? 

Well, you can earn money with blogging business through affiliate marketing. These are the 3 steps:

1. Put Up a Blog and Share Valuable Content. This will show you how to set up a website and how to grow and scale it.

2. Drive Traffic to Your Blog. This is will teach you how to gain organic traffic and how to rank on search engines like Google.

3. Monetize Your Traffic with Other People’s Offers. You will learn who to apply affiliate marketing in order to earn your blog.

Chan makes these steps look so easy. He claims that you don’t even need to write your own content and that you could be sharing or curating someone’s content to make money online. Providing quality contents is the most challenging task for any blogger. So, I bet that curating someone else’s content is a good idea for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

What Do You Get With Blogging Guru Blueprint? 

Blogging Guru Blueprint comes with 3 main modules as follows:

Module #1: Launching Your Blog (13 Video Trainings)

  • How to build solid WordPress websites for your online business
  • How to buy a domain name with little hassles and register for hosting account
  • How to install WordPress, themes, content etc.
  • How to use widgets to edit your website
  • Make your WordPress site user-friendly
  • Quickly and easily make changes to your site to match your brand
  • How to speed up your blog to decrease the abandon rate of your website visitors
  • Create and manage posts and pages to get high-quality traffic
  • Find and install themes best suited for your website
  • Optimize your website
  • Responsive website to serve the audience using mobiles, laptops and other devices

Module #2: Blog Monetization Methods (48 Video Trainings)

  • How to turn your website into a blog for profit
  • Using videos to generate sales
  • Presenting offers to your website visitors the right way
  • The 10 top secret blog post titles that get attention
  • 50 blog titles you can use with fill-in-the-blank templates for content titles.
  • Plus, a bonus VIDEO COURSE will allow you to:
    • Create powerful emails
    • Create valuable gifts
    • Write an email series that convert
    • Create raving fans, instead of subscribers
    • Build an autoresponder and use automation
    • How to build an autoresponder
    • How to add an autoresponder to your website
    • How to create a squeeze page on your website
    • How to create and use exit popups

Module 3: Traffic Blogging (75 Video Trainings)

  • Creating, publishing, and promoting content
  • Optimizing your website (SEO)
  • Using social networks
  • Getting visitors, leads, and customers from high traffic websites
  • Some quick examples of content marketing
  • Using Slide Share to attract traffic and leads
  • A quick example of viral content
  • Create and promote free tools
  • Research and organize keywords
  • What and when to publish on your blog
  • “Amplifying” your content
  • Using free WordPress plugins to optimize your website
  • Making any WordPress site responsive.
  • An example of an infographic
  • Making your WordPress site faster
  • Setting up a Facebook page
  • Using content marketing strategies
  • Using a “secret website” to get links, traffic, and authority.

Additional Bonuses: 

Bonus #1: The Blogging Guru Locker App

Bonus #2: The Commission Miner Course

If you have visited the website and tried to navigate away, you will be offered 4 free videos that look like this one below:

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  • One of the genuine digital products on Clickbank.
  • Created by a reputable internet marketer.
  • The program doesn’t promise a quick result.
  • A good step-by-step blueprint that has been working for many years.
  • Relatively affordable one-time price for the whole program – 50 % discount.
  • 60-days money back guarantee.


  • A very limited support system – email is the only way to get in touch with the customer service team.
  • Outdated video because of the updates which were done by WordPress. Can be a struggle for newbies.
  • Too many downloading tasks to be done.
  • Needs more systematic arrangements for quick and easy reference.
  • Marketing strategies can be overwhelming for beginners.

Verdict & Final Thoughts…

So, is Blogging Guru Blueprint a Scam? No. This program is completely legit. The strategies this program contain are proven to a good way to start a blog and learn how to earn money from it.

So, is this program recommended? Yes, for newbies who have only a little money. And No, because this program contains very limited resources compared to my top recommended program for a profitable online business. If you are really serious with blogging or making money with an online business, then invest in yourself and get your online entrepreneur certification.

Affiliate marketing is a type of business that has made many people a huge fortune for their blogging business. Blogging will definitely change your life forever- read here why. While many others are earning around $10,000/month and this is what I’m doing. There many reasons why you should use this concept to earn a full-time income from home. And these were my reasons when I started with this business.

  • I can sell any product I want
  • The simplest and easiest concept for online business
  • Sure success as long as you keep going
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • No face-to-face or direct selling
  • No face-to-face rejection
  • No networking
  • No recruitment
  • No inventory
  • No administrative work
  • Very low investment
  • I can work entire just with my laptop and internet.
  • I am my own boss
  • Scam protected
  • I can earn Passive Income online!

So, if you hate product demonstration or presentation, public speaking and certainly not a fan of recruiting your families and friends just to earn, then this is the best business for you.

Start your affiliate marketing business now.
Earn while learn and build your passive income online. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you and guiding you in this awesome community. See you on the inside.

So, this is the end of my article for “Blogging Guru Blueprint Review: Scam? [Must Read]. I hope it has enlightened you with anything you might have been in doubt with.

If you have any thought or question, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Good luck with your journey to financial freedom online. God bless!


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