Freelance Writing Jobs from Home: For Beginners

Freelance Writing Jobs from Home: For Beginners

Learning to earn more money is one of the key mission of this website. Earning money on the things you love to do is the best criteria when choosing to expand your sources of income. So, if you love reading, researching and writing – then you will definitely love to take freelance writing jobs from home. Freelance writers get paid per article or per project and they do not belong to any company but act as independent contractors. There are numerous writing opportunities, that exist online today. Thus, this can enable you to work from home and earn as much as you can either full-time or part-time. Yes, it is possible to be a full-time freelance writer but most of the freelancers begin with freelancing as a hobby besides their full-time job and eventually become their primary career later on. How to start a freelance writing job. Here we go.

1. Are you a good writer?

As a beginner in this field of freelancing, it is important to know what makes one be a good writer. Oh, you don’t have to be professional to start. There are a lot of people who can definitely write content or an article, but most of the times their challenges begin with their lack of originality, good grammar, and self-disciple. Your originality and self-discipline are the keys here, while there are many tools that can help you to improve and obtain good grammar. As a freelance writer make sure that you enjoy and love what you are doing, and that you are comfortable with writing, wherein you can express yourself easily and clearly. If you do not have writing qualifications like a college degree in journalism or English, you may consider to take a workshop or hire a mentor to guide you with the major requirements in professional freelance writing. That way you can easily get an entry-level as a copywriter or editor in your chosen field. Questions for beginners: * Fictional or non-fictional writing? Freelance writers find it easier to sell non-fiction jobs than fiction ones. So you have to decide which type of writing you would like to be occupied with. The majority of freelance writers write both types. ** Do you want to write for a living, for extra income or just for fun? Whether you decide to write for a living or just for fun, this will reflect on how you work with your field. Full-time freelance writing from home requires a lot of hard work, effort and time. So, someone who works for fun should not, of course, expect full-time compensation for a living. ***Are you serious with freelancing? To become competitive in this freelancing field, you have to make sure that you have very good qualifications to make your work stood out among the others. Again, originality is the key.

2. Are you a good communicator?

Being a good writer requires you to be a good communicator to negotiate and interact with others to earn money. Fortunately, you can do all types of communications by email. These are the questions for you as a beginner. * Can you represent yourself and reach out to other people as a freelance writer? **Can you market yourself actively to chase leads? ** Can you adjust according to your client’s needs and demands?

3. Can You Keep the Motivation?

Making your passion as your job can decrease your enthusiasm. No matter you much you love your job, there will always be some writing jobs that you will hate doing. And this is quite normal in all cases. Setting aside your feelings will help you to go through and finish your tasks, especially when you know how to keep being motivated on the job you are working with for success and profit of course. Remember that your determination and motivation is your long-term partners to achieve your success.

4. Can you balance your work and social life?

Working as a freelance writer gives you an extreme way of flexibilities with your work, time and workplace. You can decide whenever and wherever you want to work. Therefore, this job requires self-discipline in order to balance your work and social life. Working from home can be lonely as you work alone and you will work mainly virtually. Remember to set your time goal for work in a day and how much time you spend with your family. Enjoying your freedom to be your own boss, requires good time management to enjoy it at the same time. Remember to have a good balance in your daily life.

5. Do You Have Self-Discipline and Good Money Management?

Are you planning to work as a freelance writer for a living? Then you need a lot of self-discipline and good money management. This requires a big responsibility towards yourself and your clients. In order to have good money management, make sure that you have financial systems set up before you start taking writing contracts. This will keep your financial files organized such as your invoices, tax files, and reconciliations. Have an organized working station – Your own space that you call your own home office where all your files, reference book, to-do lists, bills, letters, and projects are easy to obtain. You can use file racks or filing cabinets. Make sure that your table and chair ergonomically support your good working posture. A deadline system: Prioritize your contracts or articles according to deadlines such as to-do lists, whiteboards, etc. Set limitations: Remember to accept or take only the number of writing contracts that you can. Having no limitations or failing to limit yourself will just result to work pressure and poor performance.

6. Start Slowly But Surely.

Set your money goal and keep your day job for the meanwhile. Do not quit your job until you reach your money goal to sustain your lifestyle. You can start to write articles for magazines, online and in newspapers to slowly master the art of writing as a professional. You can find different ways to increase your ability as an author such as submitting letters to the editor of your local newspapers, create your own blog, write articles for your church bulletin and different website that offers open submission of articles. My #1 recommendation is to start your own blog. You can learn how to build your website for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate.

7. Get connected with the writing community.

To be active in the writing community can help you to achieve your goal as a full-time writer. There are different writing groups and associations of freelance writers whichever state or country you are living in. So make sure to check your local association for writers. Attend meetings, conferences, conventions, seminars and symposiums that are mainly for writers in order to build your network and gain different writing and marketing techniques. This is also a great way to have contacts with the publishers and to have an excellent source of writing job leads.

8. Build Your Writer Portfolio.

The exciting part is how to build your portfolio as a beginner. This is where your credibility and your ability as a writer will be basically evaluated when you decide to move on to the professional level that pays off. The best way to start is to submit your articles to small and non-profit publications such as children’s magazines, school publications and if you have your own blog, it will help to backlink it your own name. Again my recommendation is to have your own blog as your starting point because your potential clients will normally ask for the compilation of your work – and a blog is perfect as your reference available online. Again, you can start your blog today for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate Education where you will be guided all the way through. Your blog can be ready in no time.

9. Acquiring Steady Freelance Writing Jobs.

Getting a steady freelance job or ongoing contracts are the most exciting and at the same time the most challenging part because of the competitions. Make use that you keep yourself updated with the niche you are writing about. For example, trending with technology and fashion is very fast so keep being updated. Keep improving yourself by getting feedback and attending different seminars or available courses on-site or online. Whenever you feel ready, register yourself to different freelance portals available online, such as If you are serious about making money through freelance writing jobs from home, you consider joining this group of freelance writers. This is one of the most popular groups of writers online today. Right now you can try it their membership just for $1… yes that’s right only $1 and you can start to make money with  I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any other tips on how to start freelance writing jobs from home, you can write them down on the comment box and I will be grateful to read them from you. Good luck with your journey to financial freedom and God bless.

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