Welcome to today’s topic/tutorial “The Best Way To Make Money With Cryptocurrency?”. 

You are constantly hearing about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. But do you know how to make money with them?

One of the great ways of creating a passive income online today is actually through investing and trading in cryptocurrency. Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies (cryptos) today are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Just like the real world or physical currencies in Forex Trading, you can invest and trade cryptos on coin exchange. Ultimately, the cryptos are now in the investing and trading industry and this gives a lot of great opportunities for everyone who are engaged with investing.

But which option do you have when you have zero knowledge about crypto and investing itself? Plus, when the 95-99% of the crypto coins out there are scams?

Do you have that in mind? Then this is the perfect article for you today and I know you will be positively surprised after reading this ’till the end. Plus, you can start to leverage the crypto trends today!

Alright, let’s move on…

Today, I want to share with you a case study that I’ve been running for a while – creating passive income with bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.

And I’m very excited about this because this concept was introduced to me by a very trusted friend, John. I never had success with investing in cryptocurrencies until I found these 3-simple steps. I wished I had found this much earlier. So today, I’m going to reveal this newest passive income stream of mine below.

So, let’s get started. 

The Best Way To Make Money With Cryptocurrency

How To Make Money with Cryptocurrency?

There are at least 3 proven ways on how to make money with cryptocurrencies such as (1) trading and investing in cryptocurrency, (2) accepting payment in cryptocurrency if you have an existing business and (3) mining your own cryptocurrency coin if you are a computer geek.

However, in this article, we’ll be focusing on the first one the rest of the article, as this is the best way to creating passive income for you. 

Trading and Investing in Cryptocurrency

Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies is the option the ANYBODY can do as it offers great opportunities of consistent profit – as long as you know what you’re doing.

Imagine all the cryptocurrency “mumbo jumbo” as a new stock market in this era.
Think of Bitcoin as a business. Ethereum as a business. Litecoin as a business… and so on and so forth.

Wall Street is for investing in old fashion money stock market. NASDAQ is for investing in more modern companies and tech. And now you have Cryptocurrencies.

Sounds simple? Actually, it is. It’s just a little jargon change but making money with it is pretty much the same. Cryptocurrencies are likely the newest stock market today.

You buy cryptocurrencies using your real-world dollars just like you use dollars to buy stocks. Then, you buy and sell the cryptocurrencies just like you would do in buying and selling stocks on the stock markets.

Then you cash in your profits by turning them into dollars again… precisely just like stocks.

BUT, what does this mean to you when you have ZERO knowledge about investing and Cryptocurrency?

Don’t you need to have knowledge and technical skills? Yes and no.

Yes, if you will do it manually yourself.

And no, if you will do it automatically.

In my humble opinion, if you have no time in learning how to trade and invest safely, which literally require a huge learning curve and time, then do the automated way of trading with cryptocurrency. Read on and see why and how.

Why Invest In Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is not fake money. It’s Real Money in the virtual world. A digital currency with so much more in it.

And whether we like it or not – they have come to stay.

The world has been using digital money for many years. That’s what credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers – just about everything used – oh except the payphones.

However, what makes crypto special is that it’s advanced features make it nearly impossible to steal or counterfeit.

Imagine what that means…

Crypto is the future of money and it’s just starting now.

What will crypto do to credit cards? Money transfers? Debit cards? Bank-to-bank transfers? They will all start using crypto. How can they not? It’s much more secure.

Crypto will really be going to change the world. Sorry, that statement is wrong. Cryptos ARE ALREADY changing the world. As a matter of fact, there are several countries who have already introduced their own cryptos while there are more who are still undergoing the process of creating one. And if you know what cryptos they are up to then you know what to invest.

So, if cryptocurrencies are digital money but without the security risks, then cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

Crypto is not FAKE money. It’s actually a whole new asset class and investment vehicle. It’s the FUTURE.

The Best Way To Make Money With Cryptocurrency

Okay, hold on to this.

The best way to secure a consistent daily earning in cryptocurrency is actually not the traditional buy-and-hold method (in my humble opinion). It’s the automated trading system that ANYONE can to do and this is by using trading bots.

Say what? Bots? Yes, exactly trading bots. Trading bots trade for you 24/7 on signals from the experts in the field that got an eye on the market every second of the day.

Is that even possible?

Yes. However, just like any other online programs, there are a lot of scams out there and you need to guard yourself against the garbage and scams online. Read more about our tips on spotting a scam online

Don’t worry, I’ve already done the hard work for you and this article will show you a real and legit option that you might want to try.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Investing in cryptos is one of the great investment vehicles you could ride today.

But first, let me remind you that investing in cryptocurrency is like any other investments. It involves risks, so make sure to only invest the amount of money that you can afford to lose or comfortable to invest with.

Again, just like any other investments, you need to know what you’re doing in order to generate a consistent profit with this type of investment.

So, how much can you make? Using a trading bot, you can expect an ROI (return of investment) rate from 2% to 5% daily. That is not unusual.

So, if you invested $100, then you can expect $2-$5 a day or $60-$90 a month. For $1000 investment, you can expect $20-$50 a day. For $10,000 investment, you can expect $200-$500 a day and so on.

Those numbers are just for the purpose of simple calculations. It can, of course, become lower or higher depending on your trades which the trading bot made for you.

My Own Results With This Trading Bot

I started to trade on paper trading with this bot and the results were satisfying so, I decided to trade with real money. I think 0.5 bitcoin is a good amount to start with considering the potential ROI and membership fee.

However, there’s no minimum amount required in starting with this investment. You can start with any amount you are comfortable with.

The results: So, after 6 days of using a trading bot, my bitcoin increase by more than 14%. It automatically trades for me and generates profit at over 2% a day and it hasn’t had any loss of trade. See the images below.


2-5% daily return is great considering is an automated and passive income stream, which means you can literally make money with it even while you sleep.

What I love with this bot is that it spreads the trading in several positions, which means it has its own risk management. If you currently are investing in the stock market today, you know that this is very important to minimize risks.

Don’t wait any longer! Get Started Now!

So, how do you get started using such an automated bot?

How do you find a legit bot that really works?

Actually, there are very few great options out there that can be used on the most trusted and well-known exchanges. However, the one I will highly recommend here is completely FREE for 7 days.

That gives you enough time to test the trading bot with paper money (simulation), see the results and decide if you want to continue with real trading.

You can, of course, use the FREE trial with real money for 7 days if you want to (and generate real money right away) but I highly suggest to simulate the trading first and get used to the platform and try the different bot configuration at the marketplace if you want to. Then start trading real money anytime you feel ready or comfortable with the automated bot.

This free trial was originally offered for one month, now it’s only for 7 days and how knows they might remove the free trial soon. We’ll never know, as not all exchanges offer this opportunity.

So, let’s start then.

To achieve an optimal result using this bot – you need to follow 3-steps first.

The 3-Simple Steps In Create Passive Income with Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies

Step 1: Acquire your digital wallet. 

best-way-to-make-money-with-bitcoinYou need of course crypto in your digital wallet to invest with. I personally use bitcoin as the base currency.

If you have no bitcoins yet, the go get them through a reputable crypto exchange and you will get a digital wallet at the same time.

There are several exchanges what will allow you to buy, sell or trade coins to keep in your wallet. Your digital wallet is simply where you “store or save” your digital currencies. Some of the most popular and reputable exchanges are Coinbase and Coinmama. Both platforms are very easy to use. However, Coinbase offers $10 when you sign up and fund your account for at least $100 or it’s equivalent.

>>>Get Digital Wallet At Coinbase ($10 Bonus Using This Link)

Note that you can purchase bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies directly from the trading platforms BUT you need a safe digital wallet where you store your digital money.

You don’t want to put all your digital money in trading platforms – just like in “real-world money”. You need a bank account where you save your money and you need a digital wallet where you save your digital money.

Plus, investing in cryptocurrency is much easier when you have a digital wallet rather than using wire transfer or credit card transaction.

Step 2: Your Crypto Trading Platform 

best-way-to-make-money-with-cryptocurrencyJust like the old stock market and forex trading, you need a reliable and reputable trading platform to trade with crypto. I recommend Binance on this step as it one of the largest and popular trading platforms for the cryptocurrency. I personally use Binance with my bot at it works great plus it’s really easy to set up.

You can, of course, use other platforms like Etoro, Bittrex or Kucoin, it’s up to you. However, I can not say that the trading bot will work as good as it does when using the Binance.

Binance has the lowest fees for using this bot as it’ll make a lot of trades for you. Plus, if you set your tradings a “conservative” win margins of 1-2% like I do, then you probably want to lower the fees that are being charged on every trade.

>>>Get Your FREE Account Here

Alright. Once you have your Binance account, you need to have funds in it by using your digital wallet from Coinbase where you have your digital currency. You can not make a cash deposit directly to Binance but you need to fund it with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or other Cryptos.

Step 3: Your Own Trading Bot

the-best-way-to-make-money-with-cryptocurrencyThis the last and most exciting step. Once you’ve funded your Binance account with bitcoins, you can start trading using an automated bot right away.

The best bot that I highly recommend to use is called the Cryptohopper. It has the most competitive price range from $19-$99 a month depending on how you want your hopper (bot) to trade for you.

>> Get Your Free 7-Days Trial Here

I strongly suggest that you try the platform with paper trading and see for yourself how it performs.

Want The Exact Configurations On My Bot?

There’s no perfect bot. You can only test different configurations that can minimize risks and maximize profits and find out which works perfectly for you.

If you want to use the exact configuration that I have on my trading bot (+ the coins I have picked) then you simply just have to register through the links above.

Once you’re done with the 3 steps above, simply send me an email (chedau@fildane.com) and I will send you the instruction for the exact configuration, which you can easily copy and paste into your own bot (takes max. 5 min.).

Reminder: You don’t have to do anything once the setup is done. However, previous results are not a guarantee of any future result. 

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may get compensated if you buy something using my links but it will not cost you anything extra for doing so. 

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