Melaleuca Wellness Company is one of the biggest companies that offer a business opportunity by selling essential oils, cosmetics, personal care, household products and a lot more.

Interested in building a business with Melaleuca but still confuse whether or not you should?

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Is Melaleuca’s business opportunity a multi-level marketing type or just a scam?

Welcome to today’s online business review: “What Is Melaleuca Wellness Company? [An MLM Or A Scam?]”

I’m not associated with Melaleuca Wellness Company so I can assure a very honest and unbiased review throughout this post.


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Melaleuca Reviews: Quick Overview

Company Name: Melaleuca Wellness Company

Price: $29 Sign Up + $19.90/per year + Up to $90 purchase per month (35 points) to remain as active preferred member. 

Founder: Frank VanderSloot 

Rate: 50/100 

Recommended: No

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