If you are working with affiliate marketing business or planning to have one, then today is big news for everybody. Me, not exempted as affiliate marketing is my recent venture and I really love it and the full potential.

Why? Google is about to clamp the affiliate marketing links soon! Or maybe not.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, it is a way of monetizing or earning online, wherein you put an affiliate link to your recommended product and if your site visitors buy the product through your affiliate link – you earn a commission.

What does this mean to affiliate marketers, to you as a consumer and to the affiliate companies themselves?

Welcome to today’s topic: 

Google Is Killing Affiliate Marketing Slowly in 2019?

Google Is Killing Affiliate Marketing Slowly in 2019?

Today, a morning talk show herein DK was talking about the gigantic Google-Facebook Ad Duoply.

is-google-killing-affiliate-marketingGoogle is reportedly implementing its ambitious shopping efforts to beat Amazon since Google’s prized business advertising business faces a growing threat from Amazon.

Earlier this year, Google has been adding retailers to its Express Shopping. This Express Shopping will reportedly rebrand to Google Shopping.

If you haven’t noticed yet, Google is already testing a new feature on its YouTube video service, which displays product prices and recommendations under the videos playing on the site.

Moreso, Google has also launched “shoppable images” which allow advertisers to highlight or promote ads in Google images search.

What Does Google Shopping Mean
For Publishers? 

One of the biggest threats of this Google’s new feature is the affiliate marketing links override. As a publisher (affiliate marketer), when you write content with affiliate marketing link and Google recommends its own platform for e-commerce, then your content will not likely be visible and monetize even it is search engine optimized (SEO).

Since Amazon is one the biggest affiliate marketplace and Google wants to beat Amazon, your affiliate business could be inside this clamp if it’s mainly built around Amazon product recommendations.

What is the best solution for this as a publisher? Focusing on the evergreen products. Keep posting quality contents of product reviews.

What Does Google Shopping Mean
For Advertisers? 

Affiliate Marketing business is a billion dollars industry that has been working for years now.

Unfortunately, Amazon is not the only company that will be hit by Google new tactics. There are currently hundreds and thousands of companies who are using the concept of affiliate marketing that will definitely be having the same challenges.

There are thousands, if not millions, of internet marketers that have a solid partnership and serve as external salesforces for all the companies with affiliate programs.

Unfortunately, there are no reported facts yet about the general effect of Google Express Shopping feature in the affiliate marketing industry and whether Google is aware of this negative impact on media companies or not.  

What Does Google Shopping Mean
For Consumers 

As a consumer, you will or will not going to love this feature. This feature is just another ad among any others that will be flashing on your screen.

For example, the featured ads can be annoying on the YouTube videos but it can also help you to find some good products available on Google’s Express Marketplace. However, these recommended products might not be the best product you could find online.

A featured shoppable product is limited to the amount of information from the merchants and you will not get the information from the users’ point of view about the product. And this is where affiliate marketing business necessary.

However, if you are one of the clever people searching product reviews before buying any product online, Google Express Shopping feature will not likely affect your shopping behavior at all.

Will Affiliate Marketing Be Dead Soon? 

is-google-really-killing-affiliate-marketing-slowlyThe big answer is NO.

Affiliate marketing is a billion dollars industry and it’s still growing every single year. The gigantic Google-facebook duopoly focuses on e-commerce. However, it will not outright the importance and the need for product information from the users’ point of view (which is provided by informational blogs and affiliate marketing businesses).

Let’s see some statistics today. 

  •  It’s estimated that there will be 1.92 billion global digital buyers in 2019.
  • E-commerce sales are expected to account for only 13.7 percent of retail sales worldwide in 2019.
  • 85 percent of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase online.
  • Affiliate marketing is worth $12 billion and is growing rapidly.
  • 15% of all digital revenue is accounted for from Affiliate Marketing.

Statistically speaking, we can conclude that people’s opinion is very important for the majority of online consumers behavior. People are wiser today and they just don’t buy a product without searching for more information than just relying on the product descriptions.

Yes, Google will certainly affect the SEO tactics for internet marketing as Google is linking recommendation lists in its own recommendation engine.

However, this effect is just temporary as the history showed years back, affiliate marketing will always stay alive and play an important role in the consumer’s need for information and buying decision behavior.

This is the end of my topic today “Google Is Killing Affiliate Marketing Slowly in 2019?“. I hope this post will help you to clarify the issue and the real effect of the new Google’s feature to your online shopping.

Do you think the affiliate marketing will be dead soon? I would like to know what you think, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.  

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