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The Bitcoin Code Review: Scam Exposed Exclusive

Bitcoin Code Review:
Scam Exposed

Leveraging cryptocurrencies herewith Bitcoin is one of the great passive income streams you could build online.

If you are looking for an easy and sure way to earn money from Bitcoin, then this post is definitely for you.

Have you also came across the Bitcoin Code by “Steve McKay” Or “Sven Hegel”? Sounds really good, isn’t?

Maybe too good to be true so let’s dig in and find out if this program worth a golden opportunity online or just another scam out there.

Before I get started…

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 Bitcoin Code


Product Name: Bitcoin Code

Website: bitc-code.com (English) & bitcoincodesoftapps.com (German)

Founder: “Steven McKay” & “Sven Hegel”

Product Type:  Bitcoin trading App & “Broker”

Price: Minimum investment of $250

Best For The owner

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: NO

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What is

Bitcoin code is basically, a crypto trading app or software that claims a huge result of $13,000+ in just a very short period of time – 24 hours!

That’s too good to be true, and anyone claiming that you instantly can earn that much quickly is a potential scammer.

However, greedy traders and inexperienced newbies will eventually just believe that this could work.

How Does
Bitcoin Code

Once you enter your name, last name and email address or just your email, believing that you will get “instant access” to this “money machine”, you will be sent directly to a broker website.

And this is how Bitcoin Code App creator makes money. He will be going to earn commissions for every deposited money, trading, and transaction you
will make in the platform.

And the trick is that every time you sign in, you get directed to a different broker.

So, how does it really works? Or does it really works? Nope. Unfortunately, this is not how it goes if you really want to earn money with Bitcoins.

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The creator of Bitcoin Code App is just one of the untraceable and unregulated agents of different brokers that pays commissions for every transaction of their referrals.

The worst thing is once they swindle you, you can never get your money back.

The rule of thumb is if someone promises you huge earnings on Bitcoin is definitely a scam. Honestly, nobody can ever make a promise that you can earn at all.


Bitcoin is just like any other speculative investments such as forex, CDF, options, and cryptocurrencies in general.

Bitcoin is very popular and people abuse this popularity to take advantage of the uneducated, inexperienced and greedy traders.

I know you are not that type of person and I’m really glad you take
a good part of your research about Bitcoin Code. I congratulate for
that as this is how you can avoid scams – do your research before
dive into any business opportunity.

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 The Red Flags 

But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s use our screening tools for potential

Please read my 14 red flags in spotting a scam online which we will be using as a guide on whether or not an online business/opportunity is a potential scam.

So, let’s find out how many red flags will Bitcoin Code get.

Rule of the thumb: Is a program too good to be true and claiming quick results, then proceed using this screening checklist 

  • Red Flag #1 – Fake Testimonials – YES
  • Red Flag #2 – Unknown/Fake Owner – YES
  • Red Flag #3 – Entry Test – NO
  • Red Flag #4 – Ticker/Timer – YES
  • Red Flag #5 – Few Slots Remaining – YES, guess what? It restarts every time you refresh the page.
  • Red Flag #6 – Just a Few Clicks – NO
  • Red Flag #7 – Just a Few Minutes Works – YES
  • Red Flag #8 – 100% Autopilot/Automated – YES
  • Red Flag #9 – No Contact Information Upfront – YES. Nothing.
  • Red Flag #10 – Unrevealed Upsells – N/A
  • Red Flag #11 -The “$1” Dollar Program – NO
  • Red Flag #12 – No/Short Money Back Guarantee – YES. Nothing.
  • Red Flag #13 – “Congratulation” Email – YES.
  • Red Flag #14 – Money, Money, And Money – Big YES.

Out from this screening guide, I will definitely not personally buy this program. 10 out of 14 scores is really high and in my humble opinion, there is no way that this program will worth even a try.

 Who Is
The Real Owner
Of Bitcoin Code?

The Bitcoin Code App is like any other scam that doesn’t disclose the real owner, creator or founder of it. Of course, who would have done that if they know themselves that their product is crap, garbage or a scam?

But who is the real owner of this program?

EXCLUSIVELY here at Fildane.com – Revealing the BIGGEST RED FLAG of Bitcoin Code – two fake owner’s name using the same fake picture.

Steve McKay is supposedly the owner of Bitcoin Code. Unfortunately, cross-checking this info led us to the truth of a fake and stolen identity of the
real Steve McKay. Plus, using a picture from a photo stocks website.

In the same way, we came across the GERMAN website of Bitcoin Code. To my bad surprised the owner’s name is Sven Hegel. Nope. There is neither way to check the identity of this Sven Hegel, as it’s just a Pseudonym.


 Fake Testimonials

In this Bitcoin Code Reviews, we also have found those good actors in the sales video. Just like any other scam sites, these people were just hired to make scripted and fake testimonials.

Oh, the pictures? They are also all fake.  Just try to scan them with the google images tool, then you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Of course, testimonials are very powerful and this trick works a lot for all who
are desperately looking for instant money overnight.

But in reality, these people have never used the Bitcoin Code App and they just got paid for small bucks.

Just take a look at this person from fiverr.com.



Pros & Cons
Bitcoin Code


  • Nothing at all.


  • Huge potential of
    monetary lost.
  • No way to trace the
    real owner.
  • No way to retrieve or
    refund your money from the scam brokers.

Verdict &
Final Thoughts

So, is Bitcoin Code App a real scam? Yes. Absolutely. There’s no system that can generate you such a huge result with Bitcoin within just 24 hours, not even
this App.

Yes, you need to protect your hard earned money and yes, you need to invest them so they can generate passive income. However, Bitcoin Code App is definitely not an option for you.

Every aspect of the Bitcoin Code App is red flagged and it conducts its trading to promotional approach.

Stay away with Bitcoin Code and with those similar programs out there. You don’t want to lose your money in just snap of a finger.

There is no sense it will help you if you pursue this program when it is clearly
nothing to gain from it. The claims and testimonials are false and fabricated lies.

Should you go ahead and invest your hard earned money in this scheme anyway, then I would say it’s crazy!

CONCLUSION: Not Recommended!


Best Option In
Leveraging Bitcoin

There are literally a lot of Bitcoin scammers out there. I have made a lot of online opportunities reviews and certainly came across with a lot of scams.

The bad news is that there are around 95-99% of Bitcoin and Crypto trading programs that are complete craps and garbages if they are not scams.

The good news is I already came across and personally tested the real and proven way on how to invest and trade cryptocurrency, mainly with Bitcoin.

And nope! I will not promise you any fancy results. I can only promise to lead you to the right path and invest as safe as possible in a spam-free environment.

Read More And Get Started With Creating Passive Income With Cryptocurrency Here.

This is the end of today’s review “The Bitcoin Code Review: Scam Exposed Exclusive?”. I hope you have learned more about this product/opportunity. And you can make a wiser decision.

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If you have any thought or question, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Good luck with your journey to financial freedom online. God bless!

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